Tim Hortons / customer service needs to be way better

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I just walked over on my break from work to the Tim Hortons in the Arena District of Columbus, OH. I walked into the building and there was a group of people standing by the register so I waited because I assumed it was a line but then a moment later I realized they had already ordered and they were waiting for their order to be filled, the girl behind the counter literally just stood there and looked at me - I had to ask her if she was available to take my order! When I did ask her all she did was nod her head...didn't say a word. While I was ordering she had no smile or any kind of expression on her face which is very annoying to me because I feel like I am being ignored. This isn't the first time I have had to deal with this girl - it seems like she is always working when I go there and she ALWAYS acts like this. I need someone to change this ASAP. It is a customer service role that she is in and she needs to realize that and do better at her job. (BTW her name tag said Dasha)

Mar 30, 2017

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