Tim Hortonscustomer service

On June 4 2018 @ about 8:15 a.m. i had was waiting for the completion of an order I had placed, ( Iced Capp, Timbits, and a Bagel) I'd received everything at that point except for the Bagel which i was told very nicely was being make by someone who appeared to be a manager... It took over 10 minutes for them to complete my order, the only person that was helpful and polite and extremely helpful was the person that took my order. The person that appeared to be the manager was rude. She did not acknowledge the customer standing waiting in front of her, neither did the male employee she was talking and joking with. It was to the point that other customers started to take notice, and once they realized i was still waiting, i was laughed at, and ANOTHER employee was nice enough to go up and completed my order, AND she was nice enough to apologize for it. By the time i received everything i ordered, it had been at least 20 minutes, AFTER my order was placed. I enjoy Tim Horton, usually, but in all honesty i felt humiliated being laughed at my the staff at this location and even though its just down the street from me, I'm considering driving the 2-3 miles to the next one IF i decide to go to this chain again which truly is sad because its my favorite chain.

Jun 04, 2018

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