Tim Hortons / breaks and wage

BC, Canada Review updated:


A family member of mine works at TIm Hortons. After hunting for a job for years and years, there was no decent job for her to work at. Due to having kitchen experience she got hired at Tim Hortons. Guess what? She works 8 hours for 4 days straight with only 2 15 min breaks allowed every shift. They don't get lunch breaks. THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW!!! In Canadian Law you are entitled to receive a non-paid lunch break but guess what... even that 15 min break they take in between they have to punch out. Ofcourse, they are ALWAYS short staffed! ... This is pathetic and I am not going to sit quite. Everyone should be treated fairly. What I witnessed is outrageous and should be taken action upon. Ultimately, I will contact CEO of T.H, the corporation, BBB, worksafebc, every place I could think of.. I will. I just cannot see anyone be treated unfairly. No one deserves to be treated like an animal ! Period.

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