Tim Hortons / about brian the manager

I'm you're regular customer for many years and 365 days a year
I go to tim hortons on youngs rd and Colvin extension in tonawanda
I spend from $40.00 and up to 60.00 a day at that same location
I ordered ahead of time like around between 9-10pm
To pick up at 3 to 4 am
I called before I leave my house

Today December 4th 2016 at around between 4 to 415 am Brian the manager told the employees to make sure I go inside when I pick up my order

They're no way I can carry all the 8 drinks plus food on top of it

I'm the only he specificaly told to go in

This is a fast food service
I don't know why you hired Brian as a manager for Tim hortons
I've never had any problems there but Brian the manager

He's a very prejudice man
He shouldn't be treating my the way he's treating me
It's customers satisfaction and im giving you guys business everyday

Why would I be set aside
I'm not asking for free food
I'm not begging for free food

I have my own store too and I've never ever treated my customers that way

Can anyone please contact me I would rather talk to someone from corporate

By the way I would like to coment on your hard working employees and serve customers without any complaint

Those 4 are good assets for your business

Brian the manager should go and I don't know who hired him

If nothing is done with him I'll be complaining to nys attorney general for harassment and discrimination

I would really appreciate it if anyone could get back with me


I really appreciate it

Thank you

Mitzi sunga Kiener

Dec 04, 2016

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