Tim Hortons / 1518 8th st saskatoon, sk s7h 0t3

There is a group of Somali males that hangs outside and inside this location. They leer and make cat calls at women, including my daughter. They also take up a lot of tables and only make one order. On Aug 21, I dropped in for my regular coffee, approx 7pm. I stood behind the form line here sign. There is only one, at the east door. It was my turn to order, but this group of Somalis came in through the east door and went to the counter ahead of me to order. I have minimal time, so I politely asked them to get in line behind me at the sign. One member of this 'gang' became verbally abusive toward me. The server at the counter recognised me, and got my order. I went to the counter to get it, and wash shoved against it by this person. I got my coffee and left, very shaken. I will not be going back! I have talked to friends an co workers who have had similar experiances at this and other locations in Saaskatoon. My daughter and her friends have gotten lewd stares and cat calls from this group also. I feel it is no longer safe to use this location, while this 'gang' is welcomed there. This exoeriance effected me very negatively emotionally. I will tell amy friends and co workers about it, as well as post my experiance on social media. Please tell me what you plan to do about it.

Aug 21, 2018

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