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Thousand Trails / disgusting

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Our family has been members of the Thousand Trails "family" for many years and we always happy with our choices of facilities, the employees, etc. Several years ago, EquityLifestyles purchased TT, and the entire feel of the company changed. The parks available is more limited, and the condition of the parks, and especially the employees, have changed drastically.

We pay $600 per year in "dues" and have found that the fees for everything has gone up. They just increased the price to dump you sewer tank to $25.00! Quite a lot of money if you plan to spend your 2-week vacation at a park...adds an extra $100 to the "family" experience!

The employees that we have known for many years have said that the new company is strictly money-oriented, does not care at all about the members or employees. They run the parks as businesses, as they should, but there has to be something worthwhile for the exhorbitant dues annualy.

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  • Tr
      27th of Oct, 2011
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  • Wa
      20th of Jul, 2017
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    @TRIMANRETURNS TT, Lake Minden, 30 amp, water and sewer, 2 dump stations, $25 to have the honeywagon dump you. There now, had to make a fuss just to get the area mowed. Yes there are a few full hook up sites up front, always taken by seasonal people or long term people.

  • Ee
      31st of May, 2012
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    New member, three night fee returned at Idyllwild, ca and camp was great--much more than expected--excellent maintenance patrols, bathrooms, paper, etc! Pleasant staff.

  • Fe
      7th of Sep, 2012
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    Just finished camping at San Benito preserve, had homeless people coming in with their belongings in a shopping cart, arrived by "dial a ride" bus, and were observed stealing recycle bottles from campground collection bins, and washing their personal effects in the showers, this all because a "tent only" pass can now be had for only $249 a year, and you can pay monthly... $21 a month for a place to stay, hot showers, pool, hot tub, TV in an air conditioned club house... get ready for the homeless invasion once the word gets out about this deal !!!

  • Ch
      26th of Mar, 2013
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    Been using Thousand Trails for 7 years, we are part of the homeless. gave up the home and bought an RV. Yes we have seen the down out folks at TT and county parks. Can't say as I like it, but on the other hand where do you want these folks to go? Just saying.. certainly not a positive thought, I sure hope some day soon our economy will turn around. as for affordable and pleasant it has been all of that. The staff are really fabulous people. Have loved the opportunity for extra activities and the choice to do or not do .Wonderful experiences for our youth and a great place for the rest of us retired folks .Some camp grounds have limited sewer systems, however you can dump for free on your way out or when you come in. Honey wagon does have a fee you need to plan for that or use their restrooms which are always clean.
    Monies are being reinvested into the parks. We have an amazing amount of parks available to us. Close to "home" while gas prices are out of sight and we still have the opportunity to scoot down the highway health and opportunity permitting.
    Loved every moment of our life in TT.

  • Th
      16th of Jul, 2013
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    i agree it has changed. Weve been going to the same camping spot ran by thousand trails but this past weekend was it!! the host are rude!!! all about the money is right!!! the host reminded us about the "you have 30 minutes to pay rule', then on the day of checkout, after we were all packed, took the kids for one last swim and lunch, the camp host reminded us that check out was at 2, it was 230, and that we needed to leave just incase that other campers wanted the site. There was not one car that entered that camp ground, it was a sunday, and everyone was heading home. Every other year the host were very gracious, letting us hang out for a little bit especially because we were all packed up. I call it harassment and will blog on every site and file a complaint with the BBB. No way am I letting them get away with basically kicking us out just because. We are always so nice and considerate, always clean our mess before we leave and this is how we get treated. This Could possibly be discrimination...

  • Wa
      20th of Jul, 2017
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    @the happy camper oh come on, you know the rules, if it is 2pm, then leave by 2 pm, simple.

  • Ve
      13th of Sep, 2013
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    I have been disappointed in the campsites now that the new company took over. The bathrooms are gross and not clean. The showers are cold. No activities for the kids, like they used too. The staff seem to be unhappy. Not being greeted with a smile. We also rented a cabin and the cabin had a bunk bed and a fold out couch. The fold out couch wasso uuncomfortable!! You can feel the spring springs.. We went to the office to see if there is a different mattress and they didn't have anything. I was so disappointed. We had to revamp our sleeping arrangements because we couldn't sleep on that. I mean I pay 300. And had to have people sleep somewhere else. The bunk beds were alright. They should invest in those instead of fold out couch. Also you pay that money and you have to bring your own bedding. I feel you pay that money you shouldn't have to pack your bed to stay somewhere else. So my experience was very disappointed and will reconsider renting from thousands trails.

  • Cm
      16th of Oct, 2013
    +4 Votes

    Ive been going to thousand trails since it opened in a child. I hadnt been in 15 yrs until i joined recently and what a nightmare of a membership. Pio Pico in Jamul, CA. Everything about the place is all bad. The people in charge there are two guys named Dave and Frank. and these people along with the entire staff are the rudest, uneducated, ### alcoholics who dont give a damn about the parks condition or the people that pay to use it. The green belts aren't green and the bathrooms have no paper towels to to dry your hands or any soap to wash them. All the rangers are uneducated minimum wage idiots that don't know the rules or procedures properly and all act like deputy no badges. They freak out if you go over 5mph but not one of them do under 10mph on their stupid golf carts. They are rude when they close the pool areas and act like your a bother not a paying customer. BUT THIS IS THE WORST PART>>>>DO NOT DRINK THE WATER PEOPLE> THE MANAGEMENt WILL TELL YOU ITS ALL TESTED BY THE COUNTY AND ALL KINDS OF ### NONE OF IT TRUE. OVER THE PAST THREE 3 MONTHS I HAVE TAKEN SAMPLES OF THIS CONTAMINATED SO CALLED SAFE DRINKING WATER THAT ELDERLY AND SMALL CHILDREN ARE GOING TO BECOME VERY ILL FROM WITH THE AMOUNT OF RUST I HAVE FOUND IN THE SAMPLES. THERE IS OTHER THINGS IN IT AS WELL BUT IVE GOT TO HAVE THE SAMPLES TESTED PROFESSIONALLY. SO PLEASE BELIEVE ME DON'T DRINK THE WATER. OUR FILTER FROM OUR MOTOR HOME IS JUST FILLED WITH RUST EVERY TIME WE GO THERE. aND WHEN I TOLD FRANK ABOUT THE ISSUE HE BLEW IT OFF. SO I CALLED CORPORATE AND NOT EVEN TEN MINUTES LATER THOSE IDIOTS ARE AT MY DOOR AS TO SCARE ME INTO SHUTTING THE FXXK UP ABOUT IT TELLING ME I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. EVER SINCE THEN THEY HAVE BEEN TRYING TO KEEP ME OUT OF PIO PICO WITH BOGUS SUSPENSIONS LYING SAYING I WAS BREAKING RULES I WASN'T BREAKING .NOT WANTING ME TO CONTACT ANYONE AT CORPORATE BY HAVING MEMBER SERVICES CUT ME OFF IF I CALLED TO COMPLAIN. tHIS COMPANY DOESN'T WANT YOU TO HAVE A CORPORATE PHONE NUMBER TO CALL NOR DO THEY REALLY SEEM TO CARE AT ALL. ITS LIKE THIS PLACE IS A BIG SCHOOL SCIENCE PROJECT AND WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE RODENTS AS THEY CUT THE BUDGET DOWN TO NOTHING, LET THE PLACE GO TO ### AND SIT AROUND LAUGHING HAVING A STIFF DRINK WATCHING FROM A WEB CAM. Watch out for the sales guy Dave. Hes the biggest ###ter of them all and really doesn't give a damn about the quality of your membership, just the bonuses on his pay check for every idiot he signs up. THIS PLACE IS A HEALTH HAZARD AND EVEN THOUGHT THEY THINK THEY CAN WRITE UP A STUPID CONTRACT THAT STATES THEY CANT BE SUED WE ARE GOING TO SEE ABOUT THAT. They are putting lives at risk with the water they call safe and its all because they just don't give a damn. If you would like more information or want to join in on a class action lawsuit please contact me at than that stay away from the entire thousand trails scam that will cost you thousands of dollars

  • Re
      13th of Aug, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @cmfgirl They will never get another PENNY from me. One big membership scam now. I urge you all to STOP paying their senseless, rip-off, scamming annual fees. Total breach of original contract, nothing but lies now, it's cheaper to be any "ol 'Joe Smo" off the street (non-member) to camp at all their sites...SO WHY ARE ANY OF YOU STILL PAYING FOR THE EXACT SAME (or even less) SERVICE as the general public??!! Don't pay another PENNY to them.

  • Jo
      23rd of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    I went into a thousand trails store to get parts for my motor home on 10/23/2014 in florence Oregon location and the counter person was entirely rude. An old grumpy man that don't like younger people and I'm 45. He acted like I'm not good enough to buy parts in the store. I asked for help on some parts but all his answers where short with contempt why I don't know. Kept asking where I'm from like I'm an outsider and don't deserve to buy parts there. This is rediculous I'm calling corporate tommorow to complaint about this jerk

  • Ly
      2nd of Mar, 2015
    +3 Votes

    Bought a membership and paid almost 9k with upgrades.
    Pay almost 600 in dues and can't get into a park because 30% or more of the park is saved for retail quests who might buy a membership. I pay 3200.00 a year to have an annual site, for that I get no water all winter and when I ok do get water it's on a state boil order( Chehalis WA). No water is given to us yet the camp host, ( sales) give water to retail who May buy a membership. Park is too crowded to enjoy any of the pools they are all full past legal capacity and no handicap access for adult pool. Park is falling a part ! Bathrooms are dirty and moldy. Roads are full of pot holes, lodges are filthy and rangers don't enforce the rules anymore.

  • Ma
      12th of May, 2015
    +2 Votes

    I bought a 3 parks membership for $3000 after spending 3 days free in Sun River Oregon. Beautiful park. Or at least it was then. We used the membership quite a bit until Equity/Naco bought the parks. Since then the dues go up and the availability of campsites goes down. So after a long stretch of not using the membership. I was contacted by Equity and asked to attend a local meeting. They were trying to have me buy an upgraded membership... LOL!!! They did however sucker my In-laws into a $8500 upgrade! Where we as family could get a card off his membership. OK, sounds great, right? I find out that I can cancel my membership giving my $3000 away as I couldn't sell it if my life depended on it. I sent in the cancellation paperwork in March of 2014, they made me pay another month of dues while they processed the cancellation. 1 year goes by and I receive no billing statements and I don't pay a thing. Then last month I start getting statements again! I contact Corporate and they tell me that I owe about $150 in past dues. I explain everything above and they lady is short and rude saying... You must pay the past dues if your membership is to be cancelled. AGAIN! After quite a while of getting passed around from manager to manager. They finally tell me if I pay guess what? Another month of dues, they will process the cancellation. So im probably a dummy to do it but I did and informed them since I paid another $45, I expected formal documentation of cancellation in a reasonable period of time and if I didn't receive it? I would spend WHATEVER it takes to take them to court. RIPOFF ARTISTS! Not any better than Uncle Sam. Stay away from this organization at all costs.

  • Re
      3rd of Jul, 2015
    +4 Votes

    I have been using the swimming pool at Mt. Hood RV village in Brightwood, OR since March 11, 2015 and am EXTREMELY disgusted by the condition of the swimming pool. It has massive green algae visible on sides and in the grouting of the pool. Also, copious amounts of debris on bottom of pool ( wads of hair, bugs, estrogen patches and various other unidentifiable items). It has only been acceptably clean 2 or 3 times in the three plus months that I have been using the facility!!! I bought my most recent monthly pass on June 23rd. I swam on that day and on the 25th of June. I WON'T be back!!! I have walked in to the pool room and seen an overall GREEN hue to the pool and debated as to getting in or not... I have called and complained to the front desk once. I am going to call again today. I really wanted to use this pool as I live across the street from the park. Please CLEAN IT UP!

  • Wo
      13th of Aug, 2015
    +5 Votes

    We have been members for a year, I have noted what happened to me while camping at Harbor View, Colonel Beach VA.
    "Site Manager" Mary Jane is horrible nothing more than a senior resident that in exchange for free rent is deputized and set free to run her two person golf cart gang of terror. Making what should be a fun camping trip more her personal narcissistic reign or terror. Please if Chesapeake bay is full and you are not able to postpone your trip be sure to bring her bonbons or some sort of peace offering because if crossed she will go out of her way to make your stay the most miserable stay EVER.
    The campground could have potential if you extended the leash law to include site managers. Not even sure bonbon would work, Ranger Rick seems a little fearful of her but still a full deputized gang member none theless, who has mastered golf cart blocking to include chasing (in reverse). So thousand trails members, PLEASE trust me, it just isn't worth it... too many other sites that want and welcome and still remember hospitality.
    Site Manager called local police department claiming intoxicated female driving golf cart around campground so they came out drove around twice finding nothing, then again she called Saturday.
    We tried to call customer service left MSG and even sent unanswered emails. I was not able to take camper home as my husband was out of town with our truck so we had to pay a $32.00 storage fee per night until returning the following Friday. Upon returning we found that they had cut power to our camper even though we paid the $32.00 per night and all in the refrigerator had spoiled and the entire camper smelled horrible and we are still not sure if we will be able to get the smell out of the fridge. Later in the month we received a certified letter from Thousand trails suspending our membership for misconduct for 30 days and a letter of reprimand. Again calls were made and left un returned, I contacted the local police department requesting copies of the reports from the night of terror and all confirmed my story that she was simply being malicious. She and I did exchange words there is a limit to the rudeness I will take and the calls to the Police were retaliation. We are currently counter filing legal complaints for harassment against the staff at harbor view and considering gross misconduct against thousand trails, but that will depend on how they handle the claims. Be careful when it seems too good to be true, guess what!!!

  • Mu
      27th of Aug, 2015
    +4 Votes

    Thousand Trails Members : I thought you all would like to know how your system treats its contracted workers, Entertainers, I am an entertainer and have played at TT since 1981 without any BS from the powers that be. Some of you probably know me here at the Pacific City preserve. I had a contract to play on August 15th 2015 which I honored and played. My contract says that I would be paid then also. It is almost 2 weeks after and still I have not been paid for the engagement. I contacted the PC manager and she tried to get something done but got a lame excuse why the check was not mailed. And then told her it would be overnighted to me, That was 8 days ago. Snail mail is faster than that so I have to believe they lied about it. According to the PC manager head office has been contacted numerous times about this but they keep saying the check is in the mail. I don't know about you members but I rely on getting paid on time and without all the hassle so I can pay my bills. I intend to post this everywhere I can till it is resolved.

  • A1
      6th of May, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I see a lot of complaints, but none that address my specific question. I am no longer able to RV due to health. Sold my rig. But I cannot get out of the TTT membership. Dues have gone up to over $500 per year now...and they tell me there is no way to get out of them. I can't let me family use them, the internet is littered with contracts to sell...or even give away. But the transfer fees have become astronomical, so no one wants to buy. And what used to be a PRIVATE, EXCLUSIVE CLUB MEMBERS ONLY PARK is now open to the public. I feel that our original contract has been broken and thusly should allow us to choose whether or not we want to continue the membership. Does anyone know HOW to quit a TTT membership? Are there any class action lawsuits going on that address this issue?

  • Fa
      14th of Jan, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @a1jacmac I'd like to know also. I wish I would not have ever heard the name "Thousand Trails"...makes me wanna vomit saying those words..TT. Ughhh.

  • Ra
      31st of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    @a1jacmac Check the statute of limitations on contracts in your state. Most states have a statute of limitations of only two to six years on verbal and written contracts. This means the contract expires unless you renew it. If no contract exists because it has expired, a business can only charge you for services or goods you receive in exchange for an agreement to pay for them. Do not acknowledge a debt you do not owe or pay for services and goods you do not receive. If you are taken to court, which I doubt will occur, you only need to demonstrate that the contract has expired to receive a judgement in your favor. These folks are banking on your ignorance of the law. They sold you a "lifetime membership" for your agreement to pay them x dollars. You did not agree in contract to pay them x dollars for the rest of your life. No court is going to recognize a contract in perpetuity.

  • Ti
      22nd of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    People who buy campground memberships are idiots. Same as people who buy timeshares. Stupid people lose their money and get taken advantage of every day around the world. Campground "owners", ie; people who buy memberships are stupid and thus create a huge market for companies to swindle, making millions of dollars every year. My only recommendation is to never buy a membership in anything, not even a gym membership. If you do, you're as stupid as all these people complaining. Lesson: Don't be stupid.

  • Ju
      20th of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    My mother had a contract for all sites in all of the states, the first trustee did nothing to take care of the Thousand Trails contract, I tried to find out how we could take care of it from the beginning but the rep would not talk to me, so once I became the trustee I called once again and this time I had to send death cert, trust etc. Then they said the contract was $1900 in the hole. and they would not give me any information until the $1900 was paid.
    I was interested in the whole family have a family plan but once again I was told to pay up and then they would give me the answers, so I paid the first part of $900 and called again and asked about the contract because I did not want to pay for something that was my moms but did not know if it would be the same contract, they said yes you could have a family group but pay up so I finished paying but still never received a list of sites or a contract. They told me to call a site myself so I tried but never got a call back, come the second year the contract still was not here and the yearly charge was $450. My mom had been paying $225. so I called and they said because the contract had been in a late state they could raise the cost to $450.
    Still no contract so once again I asked for it. Then came the third year and it went up to $650.00 and at this point I still could not get anyone to answer so I could pass on passes to the beneficiaries of the trust. So I told them no until I received the contract. Upon getting the contract there was only one site available in one state which was not acceptable to me, so I have not paid any more. Received a call from a rep saying I had to pay and the contract said I had to have the contract for 5 years before I could sell. Read the contract and no where does it say this is a 5 year contract. So as far as I am concerned this contract is null and void.
    But I am still being harassed by Thousand Trails even though I told them to sell the contract
    Lucretia L Allen Trustee for the Evelyn June Luna Trust

  • Jr
      2nd of Dec, 2016
    +2 Votes

    With our experience in Thousand Trails...I would NEVER recommend them! We have been members for less than a year and we are NOT impressed! In reading the above comments I have to agree with them. We were told that Thousand Trails is struggling and it shows. We pay a big price for a membership and half the amenities are out of order...instead of fixing them they slap a out of order/needs repairs sign on the door!!! Being we are still fairly "new" we have only been to a few of the campgrounds, but everyone of them had at least one thing...some more that does not work. La Conner, WA has a hot tub that is under repair and to my knowledge is still not up an running. Birch Bay, has pool bathrooms with soggy floors, and bad plumbing all the way around. The water was shut off for a day and a half due to a water pipe leak/break. There were signs posted all over the campground saying that it would be off intermittently through out 2 days in a row...Nope!! We could have moved to the other side, but that was never offered. Aside from that though, my biggest irritation is that the staff, with the exception of Mike and Judy, don;t do anything!!! They hang out in the office and have social time!!! This is what our dues go towards paying????? Not to mention they get free lodging and compensation!! I guess, when it comes down to it, that would be considered bad manager... with all the work that these parks need the staff should be out there making it better!! There is also one staff member, Jon, whose wife thinks she owns the place... very rude, sassy, disrespectful person, very snotty to people in the bathroom...she seems to think it is her own private bathroom, ...(she needs to get a hotel room where she can have her own bathroom), seems to always be angry or mad something, has made several nasty comments to campers and they are still there???? How does that work!!! If I went to my husband employment and did a couple of the things that she does her, he would not have a job anymore!!! Again, I am a PAYING member that stays here, she lives here FREE because her husband worked this past summer???!!?!?!? Bow, WA is another one that has out of order bathrooms since last July and still are not working, they shut down half the park, including the few sewer sights that they have, to upgrade electricity...The staff; however, do work as you will see them throughout the campground going about their business, like maintenance, cleaners, kitchen staff, etc. I don't see Thousand Trails growing much just because of how it is ran...or maybe how it is NOT ran. I will be sure to let the people I know and care about know the truth of Thousand Trails and how poorly it is ran. There are so many other great campgrounds that you won't miss much not staying at TT.

  • Jr
      12th of Feb, 2017
    +3 Votes

    I agree...birch bay thousand trails is becoming a dump. It needs a lot of work and nothing is being done. The staff seems to grow daily, but nobody works to improve this place. Aside from the 3 rangers that I have seen working to improve this place...Mike, Judy and the young guy with a full beard. don't know his name...All the rest of them sit in the office drinking coffee and keeping the seats warm! Not impressed! The winter staff here is larger than the winter staff at Bow, Mt Vernon and Bow is a larger campground!???! I keep hearing the campgrounds are not aloud to spend money, but how is having a staff of 7-10 (birch bay) during the winter (slow months) saving the company money?!?!?!? It seems to me it has become welfare
    campground, putting people on staff just so they can live here year round free?!?!?!? Who keeps these places accountable for what they do...or don't do as it may be???

  • Ji
      20th of Mar, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Contrary to the above comments, employees do not live rent free in the parks.
    Yes, far too many sites are "annual lease" holders, tying up sites for those who pay to camp. Yes, the properties are not cared for as they once were. Yes, the employees, many of whom are members themselves, are treated poorly and paid no more than minimum wage. (Anyone in TX will tell you that a person would qualify for State assistance working in these parks, as their State wage is $7.50/hr)
    There are a lot of excuses, but they all end up in the accounting office. The mindset is that members should be grateful the parks have FHU, however we members know full well that not all locations have FHU, and ELS thinks 30amp service is sufficient. No, ELS investors and execs do not camp or they would understand how deplorable this situation is.
    Why do I pay dues on facilities that are in disrepair? Why am I charged and annual $80 account service fee, just what service did you provide to me? Why are my dues increasing yearly, yet a retired couple's dues are frozen? Why are you telling me the park is for members only, but non-members can lease and rent sites? Why are you catering to a dying population and refusing to service the families that buy memberships? Where are the facilities and accompaniments for children and families? Why do you expect me to be happy with your decaying facilities and inflated dues when I can boondock on BLM land all year for $180 and be treated better and not have to move every 2 to 3 weeks? And where in my contract does it state you can apply standards to my camping vehicle and refuse me entry? If you refuse me I should be allowed to stop paying dues as you are in breach of contract for not upkeeping the parks in acceptable conditions in health dept and housing codes.

  • Cr
      1st of Aug, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I’m really noticing the decline in the Thousand Trails Parks to the point I may sell my membership, mostly homeless people in the campgrounds living in discusting Rv s that never move and have trash piled up around them, most people aren’t even staying in their rigs at night, why are they even here ?

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