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vacations made easy

I purchased tickets for dollys stampede and they canceled my initial request and kept my money. Now is asking me to sign authorization to charge again to receive my vouchers. Oh and forgot to say the initial time is now sold old we had all booked and now will not be able to see the show. Really mad and I called Dolly's Stampede and they say they overcharge you.

bait and switch, over charging on show tickets, not explaining the voucher system before purchase, their non refundable / non cancellation policy

I was wanting tickets to the musical Samson in Branson Missouri so I went to the Sites and Sound theater where the production is performed to purchase tickets. Vacations Made Easy came up as if it were the theater. I called and purchased the tickets using my credit card. It was $145.00 . Immediately we were sent five emails none of which was a legitimate looking receipt. And they were coming from the company not sights and sounds but vacations made easy. They instructed us that we had to go to a separate location to purchase vouchers for our tickets. This was very confusing as I thought I was purchasing from the theater directly. So I looked up the theater and actually found that that was a totally different website I called the theater directly and ask them about the tickets their tickets were $98 instead of $145 for two tickets. I immediately called back the other company (Vacations Made Easy)and said I want to cancel my purchase because 1. I thought I was purchasing them from the theater it's self and I wasn't. 2. I called the theater and they were selling the tickets for $98 as opposed to $145. Only 10 minutes had passed and they told me I could not cancel nor can I get a refund. I asked to talk to a manager and they told me that they could price match and refund the difference. They explained that they would refund my $47 back onto my credit card but it would take a few days to process and then it would take a few weeks on top of that for some nonsensical reason. After two days we have had $600 worth of fraudulent purchases on our credit card. Thankfully our bank called us and they are working on finding the source however I am voicing my complaint about this company regarding their policies.

half day tour

Booked half day tour for 4 people. Their website confirms you can print the tickets but as soon as you receive the first email you are then told you have to travel to a particular destination to collect the tickets which for me would be a 30 minute drive there and same back. I've not received any order number in my confirmation and the advertised telephone numbers do not work. I've attempted to cancel the transaction with my credit card company but as the money hasn't yet been taken I can't do this. I'm absolutely disgusted that they can get away with this. Have sent an email requesting they cancel the tour and don't debit my credit card... No reply received yet... Please don't use this company

deceptive practices - show tickets are not real tickets

We purchased in Dec-2018 what we thought were tickets to the Dolly Parton Stampede in Branson, MO through the website (which is a front for VME). You think you are buying tickets but you are not. We selected the option to print tickets but what you receive is an email to print instructions for how to pick up your "voucher" at their office. I called and was told I had to physically go to their office to pick up the voucher. The voucher is NOT a ticket. You need to take this voucher to the box office of the theater to get your real tickets. And the fine print on the voucher says that if you don't collect your tickets 1 hour before the show, the tickets may be resold and VME keeps the money. When I went to collect the voucher at the VME office, the employee said he would not give me the voucher unless my wife was also physically present since I added her name when I bought the supposed tickets. So I had to bring my wife in at which point the sales pitch to buy their other non-tickets commenced. Finally he gave me our voucher at which point I noticed the fine print about needing to pick up the tickets early or lose them. I can't believe this company is even legal.

I was lied to

I ordered two tickets for October 17, 2018 Midday Cruise. I picked up the tickets/vouchers the night before...

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ticket pricing

I booked Grand Ole Opry tickets through Vacations Made Easy. I will never use them again because they are a ripoff. Without realizing it, even with their supposed discount, they charged way more per person then if I booked directly with the theater. Their beginning price for our particular seats is $86 and change. The actual price for the seats is $70. With our "senior discount", we paid $81.91 per person. That's a rip off in my book. When I called about a possible adjustment, the only answer I got was, "Our prices are our prices."

Scam: overinflated pricing and ripoff sales policies

Unfortunately, I should have heeded the warnings of the 1 star reviewsI've found. After doing more search when dealing with them, I also discovered 1 star Yelp reviews, scam advisors on Trip Advisors, Complaints on scam report, and 1.5 star rating on the Better Business Bureau with good reason.

Not only are customers able to get better pricing directly through vendors, they won't have to deal with misleading promises, an extremely unfair set of terms and conditions, and a company that abuses consumers. If you have a problem with your order and want a refund, you will be charged 25% of the total price - you are not eligible for a full refund of your purchase, no matter the reason (they will only offer the full price as a gift card to be used on their other over-inflated pricing).

Seats for events do not fit the description - you might make a request while they act as a broker - but this is why they do not offer the ability to choose exact locations (like you would when booking direct). Policies are not lenient in the least. Do not do business with this company, they have an extreme track record of ripping people off.

booking error by company

My husband booked a hotel in Branson, MO for our anniversary. He selected the dates of July 6 & 7, 2018. Processed the payment and reservation. The day before we left he attempted to print the itinerary from the email. No where on the email were the exact details of our reservation, only links to their site. The link took us to their site which showed our order number and "order complete". We could not find the itinerary. When we got to our hotel they said we did not have reservations for those dates, but the 3rd & 4th of July. The room we wanted was no longer available, and we are out $325 because the dates got messed up. Attempted to call customer service for an explanation and they said those were the dates we selected (not true), and there was nothing they would do. I believe the room that we wanted was already booked, and rather than call us they changed the date to the closest available booking. This company has a bad record of dealing with customer issues, and even if we had discovered the error sooner they would not have been willing to help us, given their other bad reviews and BBB complaints.

inflexible and not customer friendly at all

I stupidly booked a tour in Nashville with VME thinking that they were going to email me the tour vouchers. Instead I have to go to a customer service office to pick up the vouchers which is far from the start of the tour. I am flying into Nashville that morning -- a few hours before the tour itself -- so asked if there was any way they could fax or email the vouchers. They refused and kept citing company policy. I then asked if I could cancel the tickets. Even though I ordered the tickets less than an hour ago and the order, according to their website, is still being processed, I was told I would only get 75% of my money back (which is probably what is being paid to the tour company itself and they are keeping a 25% fee for themselves) or I could get a gift certificate for 100%. I booked through VME thinking that it would be a more consumer-friendly way to book tickets. It was a mistake. I should have booked directly through the tour company itself.

tickets for grand ole opry

Ordered tickets from Vacation Made Easy and was never told I had to make another special trip to pick up the...

show tickets

Website was unclear regarding show tickets and meal for the Motown Review show in Pigeon Forge, TN. It appeared that a meal was included. When tickets were picked up, they were show only. The price we paid was more than the couple sitting beside us paid for show AND dinner. "Customer Service" provided no satisfaction. I will not ever use this service again.

tickets in nashville, tn

I find it very strange that VME can't email the tickets so we can print them at home prior to leaving for our trip. I ordered 5 tickets for the Grand Ole Opry and Tour of the Stars Home in Nashville, TN and was told we had to pick them up at their office, but then I added another ticket and that one was emailed to me. Because we had to pick up the original 5 tickets, we had to rearrange our travel so we would arrive in time to get to the ticket office to pick them up. When we arrived, they wanted us to sit through a 1-1/2 hr. sales pitch about other tours. We will never use VME again - it's not easy!!! Vacations Made NOT Easy should be their name.

  • Na
    Nancyd66 Jun 11, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    And the sales pitch was not an hour and a half like they said...ours was over 3 hours before we had to get totally irate and make a scene before they would give us our "promised" gifts. Another couple that was there at the same time, we ran into in Nashville later and they were there for 6 hours!!!

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  • Fb
    FBarker Sep 14, 2018

    Will never use VME again. We went to Nashville, they offered us the all access armbands for 20 a piece versus 40. Which we bought.Then told us we had to sit through their sales spiel. and they needed a yes today. After 15 min & us telling them we wouldn’t be saying yes. They told us we still had 5 min before the tour started & we could leave if we wanted. But couldn’t have the armbands we purchased. Still waiting on that refund. The redneck bus tour was canceled at the last minute supposed equipment failure, but they were driving all over Broadway. Still waiting on that refund! We left a day early, they refuse to refund the day. Even though the room was clearly available to be rented to someone else. Think twice before you use these people!

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Called and requested tickets for grand ole opry! Promised center balcony, but ended up with lower level...

this website is a mess

Folks, stay away from this website. They will try to take your money literally for every move you make.
I canceled my booking within one week and according to the information on their website, I couldn't be charged. But they took my money and I called them to figure it out. They were rude to me and absolutely useless. Couldn't explain to me why they charged me, what was the reason of it. They agreed that I didn't break any policies rules, so whats the problem? They didn't know.
Ugh.. What a mess!!!


Scammers! Seniors, we booked an event in Niagara Falls CA, and we live here in CA. There was no mention of an...

vacations made easy - a shameful internet site that tricks you

Subject: Vacations Made Easy - a shameful Internet site that tricks you. I would recommend you stay away...

grand ole opry seats

On 08/10/2017, I reserved what I thought were two floor level seats for the Grand Ole Opry for 08/20/2017. Unfortunately, there was a problem with my debit card. The bank was closed, so I called Customer Service and they just said there seemed to be a problem with my card. I requested a cancellation of my order but the representative suggested that she call me back the following day when I could CHOOSE to use a different payment method, have time to contact my bank to find out what the issue was, or to cancel my order. I told her that was ok as long as nothing was done until I spoke with her. Well, early morning the next day, I checked my bank online as always and 106.00 was pending for the tickets. I immediately called Customer Service and was told that Grand Ole Opry tickets were non-refundable. I explained to her about my conversation the previous day with the other representative and she said "yes, I see the notes" but unfortunately Grand Ole Opry reservations are non-refundable. This is so wrong. I was never given a chance to review my seats, I, stupidly, just assumed they would be floor level. and I never gave this company permission to run my debit card the second day.

outrageous pricing, etc. bait and switch

My husband and I booked a show on-line through Vacations Made Easy for 12/30/16. On our way to Branson, we...

unauthorized credit card charges and no tickets

The date was August 8, 2016. Tried to purchase tickets on their web site. Web site failed. We exited the site and canceled the online order. Order tickets from Grand Ole Opry directly and got our tickets. Vacations Made easy charged by credit card without my authorization and never sent the tickets. Once I found the mistake they had very stupid, ignorant excuses to tell me about how I was not going to get my $133.31 back. April was the supervisor and she was hateful and was not going to give me my money because the order went through later without my authorization. We argued and all I can say is I am glad I have an education and do not have to work for a RIP OFF COMPANY LIKE VACATIONS MADE EASY!!! I never got tickets to print. Nothing mattered. RUN DO NOT USE!!!
I am call the Grand Ole Pry and going to ask them to stop using them as a vendor. I requested a refund not was told no way.

given wrong time for boarding cruise and caused a bad experience-threatened to possibly be arrested upon arrival in port.

On the reservation (email) from Vacations Made Easy, it stated dinner cruise departs at 7:30 pm. Our 4 person...