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The Home Depot / refuses to honor promised refund!

1 United States

In May of this year I purchased 14 boxes of Santos Mahogany Hardwood flooring from the Gig Harbor Home Depot after speaking with 2 different Home Depot employee's about which hardwood product to buy that would withstand my Great Dane and still look good without damage. I was told that this hardwood had a 25 year finish warranty and that the product was regularly in stock so I wouldn't have to worry about coming back to buy more and having the store be out of the product. I re-measured my living rm and later came back to buy 2 more boxes before we even lifted up the existing flooring. The week before Thanksgiving we began laying down the flooring (after ripping up our carpet). As our custom, we were walking the dog outside to use her "bathroom" and upon returning to the house, saw that there was a scratch / damage trail from our bedroom to the front door on the new non-even-fully-installed floor!

This floor was so soft that one trip across the not even completely lain floor was enough to ruin it.

Upset and dismayed, I called the local Gig Harbor store where I purchased the flooring. I spoke with Evelyn Davis, who was wonderful, who indicated that whoever recommended that flooring had mis lead me and I should take the flooring back (both the unopened and opened boxes would be honored as returns she said) and they would give me a cash refund since they misrepresented the product to me.

When I went to the store on Saturday the 4th, Ms. Davis was not in.

The manager on duty, however, refused to provide me with a refund. Instead he issued a "store credit" card and led me back to the flooring section where he indicated that they didn't even have any hardwoods that met my needs. However, I'm still stuck with a worthless "store credit only" card!!

I feel as though they stole nearly $1400 of my hard-earned money as I NEVER would have purchased any flooring from them had they been honest when I specifically asked what product to buy. I could have purchased a different hardwood somewhere that had a hard-enough product for me. I hate laminate and will never put it in my house.


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