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My friend and I went your Columbia Cheesecake Restaurant on July 28, 2018 to have dinner before we went the movies. After checking in, we were given the remote to tell us when the table was ready. I asked the lady how long it would be and she said 10 minutes. After 20 minutes had passed, I checked with her again only to find out that my name was called. I told her that the remote did not light up. After looking at it, she said that it wasn't working properly. We sat down again and after 5 more minutes we were finally seated. By this time, we were concerned about missing the first part of the movie and not being able to eat all of our food. A waiter by the name of Justin came to take our order. I told him that we would probably need to take our order out because we were seated late and the remote wasn't working. He took our order, we told him how we wanted the salad, salad dressing and bread. We waited a long time before we got our bread, he was waiting on other clients but he seemed to be in a hurry to see if we were alright. I fully understand that he had other customers, however, his service could have been better. My friend had requested that an item not be placed on her salad. However, it was. He didn't checked with her to see if her salad was alright. My salad wasn't alright either. We asked for our bill, asked for containers to take out the salad, and the our bills. When he came back, my friend told him that she would like to give him some constructive criticism. He said that would be fine. So she told him that he needed to check with his customers more often to make sure that their order was alright. I had asked to speak with the manager because I felt that they should know everything that happen that evening. A lady came out, I told her about the seating problem, and the waiter. She offered a free dessert. We received it and then after getting the bill we told Justin that the bill was separate. He just said that he would divide it up at the register. After coming back to the table, he told my friend that he could either owe her a dollar or she could owe him. He said he would rather that she owed him. After that, we left. We didn't leave a tip. We walked out of the door and the next thing I knew, we were being followed by Justin. He was hollering at us because we didn't leave him a tip. He said, I can't believe you didn't leave me a tip and you have bags too. He continue to scream at us and followed us to the front of the movie. He didn't get off the steps of the restaurant but he was close to the edge of the stairs so we could hear him very well. First of all, this young man had no right to follow us out of the restaurant screaming and yelling at us like he was crazy. We found this type of conduct that was displayed was very unprofessional to say the least. We didn't know if he was going to attack us or not. I feel as though his conduct was out of control and it gave your establishment a bad name. In the past, we have had some problems with this restaurant but nothing like this. I usually enjoy coming to the Cheesecake Factory. However, this has given me a bad taste in my mouth. I can't say when I will be going to this restaurant again. I can't believe that this happen. After the movie, we went back to the restaurant to make a complaint. We talked to the Assistant Manager and she asked that we right down what happen. I did and she told me that I would get a call the next day which was Sunday July 29, 2018. I never got a call. I would hate to think that this incident would go unnoticed. Therefore, this is why I am reaching out to you for an understanding as to why this would happen. Suppose they young man had a gun or something? I would appreciated hearing from you as soon as possible. My name is Yvette Brown and you can reach me at Yvette.[protected] or please call me. [protected]. I'm hoping that I will hear from you as soon as possible. Something of this nature would not be very good for other people to hear.

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    On July 28, 2018 a friend and I stopped in your restaurant to have dinner before we went to the movies. During that time, we were detained for a while because my remote was not working properly. Shortly after that, we were seated and a young man by the name of Justin waited on us. His service was very poor, the food wasn't prepared as requested, we were yelled and screamed at when we left the restaurant.

    I placed a call to the restaurant because I was told after making the complaint that a manager would be contacting me. I called myself to speak to a manager and when I told him what happen I was told that the restaurant was owned by the young mans uncle and that he would not be in any trouble and that he would probably get a promotion. My first response you mean to tell me that it's alright for a waiter to chase someone out of the restaurant to the outdoors screaming? He said that nothing would be done but we could come back for a gift card to have dinner. I told him that I wasn't sure about that because Justin might try to do the same thing all over again. he told me that Justin wouldn't remember me because he was probably high when he did this.

    Later in the afternoon, Brian Gerber called me to find out what happen. I told him and he wanted to know what they could do for us. He offered gift cards. I told him thank you. However, this in no way makes this experience alright. Offering a dinner or gift card does not make up for the unprofessional conduct that this man displayed to us. A dinner is like, ok, we will feed you and you should be alright. No! I don't think so. I would like for your CEO to know about this.

    This could happen again. Is this the policy of the Cheesecake Factory? I'm planning on putting this on Facebook to let other people know how they may be treated if they don't leave a tip to a waiter. His conduct was unprofessional and scary. This is something that you really need to address. My plan is to go to Columbia to talk to the manager and to see if this man is still there.

Jul 30, 2018
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  • Mo
      Jul 31, 2018

    I'm with Magicbean. You make your experience sound horrific but everything you've complained about is minor. I'm sure they will be relieved to know you wont be returning.

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