The Cheesecake Factorypoor customer service

Good Morning, A few friends and I went into the Cheesecake Factory in Albany after Church on Sunday May 7, 2017. We only had to wait for 15 minuets. To be seated. After being seated and placing our order. We realized that it had been an hour and we hadn't received our food. Our waiter was very apologetic and tried to keep us happy. After our food arrived to the table I first noticed the presentation of the food. We eat there often and I always order your special, which is not on the menu (crusted salmon ) great dish. My salmon was burnt and hard to chew, the mash potatoes were smashed under the salmon and the broccoli was very hard as well. I was very upset.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Albany, NYBeing a diabetic and needing to eat I could not wait any longer for them to bring me another meal. Our waiter was great, he went to get the manager on duty at the time an African-American gentlemen. He came over to our table with no introduction. Kneels down arms folded on the table and asked us "What's the problem?" I began to explain to him about how the salmon was burnt and dry and I couldn't chew it. He then says to me "What you don't like crust" I did respond with This isn't crust it's burnt, and you could see that it was. He said it's just crust. Any thing else? Then he walks away and he never apologized for the cook or the wait time. We couldn't believe he just did. Not what can I do to help you with nor we will take care of your order NOTHING! We may never eat there again and I love The Cheesecake Factory

May 09, 2017

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