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04/212017, at 24:22:27, server 0870a provided poor service at booth 536. After I paid for the meal, I gave server 0870a a$9.00for her tip. As she took the check, she stopped at an open table to see her money. Server 0870a turned back around, looked me in face, gritted, and rolled her eyes at me. As she was walking back through the aisle, I stopped and asked her why she gritted and rolled her eyes at me.

She looked me in my face, lied and gave me an excuse. I asked to speak to the store manager at The Cheesecake Factory location in Hanover, MD 21076. I came in contact with a male manager, and explained the situation to him. He looks at me, and tells me that he'll talk to her after the store closes that Saturday morning. Then he walks toward the cash register. I asked him, to come back to the table. I asked him, if that was it.

He said "Yes", and tried to walk away again, before I stopped him. I asked to speak to his manager, and he said that she wasn't in the restaurant. He gave me her card, and I told him how I felt about him and the server. I emailed a compliant to the store manager in Hanover, MD 21076. I haven't heard back from her in over a week.

I am seeking my full refund and tip from The Cheesecake Factory Corporate Office. I honestly believe that this was racially motivated towards me because I was on a date with a white woman.

Thank you,

Paul Mason

May 03, 2017
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  • Ca
      May 07, 2017

    Oh my God!!! NO ONE cares who you date!!! You are NOT important so get over yourself. Stop looking for something to be outraged about! If you can't afford to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, take your date on a picnic next time...or eat at home. You are not entitled to any refund just because you are butthurt over some imaginary slight.

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