The Cheesecake Factorycheesecake factory - curbside to go service - lexington, ky

L Jun 16, 2018

The cheesecake factory - net income of more than 100 million while charging customers $76.29 and providing nothing in return.

Location: lexington, ky

Address: 3545 nicholasville road, lexington, ky 40503

Phone: [protected]

On saturday june 2nd we placed a curbside order with this restaurant.

Within one minute of placing the order we called in to speak with the restaurant regarding the order as the total charge was incorrect.

Once someone got on the phone we were told that one of the items we had ordered. Mahi fish tacos from their website was unavailable as this restaurant didn't serve this item, and I had to hear this long drawn out story as they weren't close enough to the water, and how homer didn't have a long enough fishing pole... Or whatever that long story was... I glazed over after the first minute as I just wanted to get some food together for my guests.

When the person finally took a breath, I eagerly jumped in and asked if the other items from our order had been started yet, as I definitely didn't want to pick up food that had a vast difference in starting cooking times so my final pickup of food would be as fresh as possible for all of my guests and not two of the entrees just sitting while trying to work out what to do with the third part of our order.

Sounding beleaguered, he proceeds to tell us that he would go to the kitchen to find out.

After waiting more than 18 minutes... Yes, you read that right, more than 18 minutes... As I have proof and timer on my cell phone, another person gets on the phone and asks if they can help me. Knowing that i'm starting this whole call over, I ask to speak to the manager at this point extremely unhappy.

I was told by this lady she was the manager, so I proceed to tell her of what the issue was and how long I had been on hold. I told her to just cancel the order as I hadn't even left my home yet to come pick up the order as I was waiting to find out what its ultimate status was.

She then proceeds to tell me the rest of my order is already done and what did I want to replace the third entree with?

Now with me being some 10 - 15-minute drive from the restaurant, why in earth would I want to pick up 15 - 20-minute old food and possibly one fresh entree as a replacement to what my guest actually wanted and ordered?

I told them to cancel the order and told this person how unhappy I was with the whole experience and total waste of my time as my guests still don't have food and now some almost 30 minutes later I have to start this process over again with a different restaurant.

She proceeds to tell me that she will tell her manager. But wait!!!

You told me you were the manager in the earlier part of our conversation.

So, which is it? Does asking to speak to the manager mean nothing anymore? Perhaps I should have been clearer. When I asked to speak to the manager, she said she was the manager as she is the manager of herself. And I should have been more precise and asked to speak with the manager over her! Lol...

Needless to say, I now speak to another person and was assured that we would be credited for the order. As you can imagine they took the money from our american express within milliseconds of me pressing the enter key, yet now 10 days later and yup, you guessed it. No credit has been issued.

I have reached out to their corporate offices through their website now on two occasions and all I here are the crickets chirping, with the executives looking out of their corporate offices screaming turn the lights off and pull the curtains and maybe he won't know we are in here!

Once he leaves we will duck out the back so we aren't confronted with having to return their money for doing nothing other than giving him 3 big plates of aggravation with side orders of really pissed off!!!

Since this company doesn't really have a real mechanism for logging and or handling customer service issues professionally obviously, I will begin to post on various social and other public websites so hopefully the president david m. Gordon or based on my earlier problem of speaking with the real boss maybe his manager david m. Overton will get this resolved. Smh!!!

Just goes to show bigger doesn't mean it's better folks... Just means it's bigger. Support your local small businesses!!!

Reason of review: poor customer service.

Monetary loss: $76.

Preferred solution: full refund.

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