The Brick Warehouse / customer service

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

I would like to make a formal complaint about the manager, Tyson, at the brick in Stonebridge. I was there with my parents who were replacing their chairs under warranty. I have also been a loyal customer of the brick for many years but I will never shop there again. While speaking to Tyson about the warranty issues we have had there, Tyson was short and rude. As I was leaving the store, I was sharing my thoughts on the experience with my mother, while I heard Tyson call me passive aggressive under his breath. I turned around and asked him what he just called me. He said directly to my face that I am passive aggressive and made undermining comments the whole time I was there. I was simply expressing my thoughts on his products and warranty. Apparently, I'm not allowed to have an opinion. My husband then went up to him to say how rude he was. I have never been treated so horribly by a manager at a store. I'm shocked and appalled by his behaviour and the way he spoke to me and how he attacked me. I had an opinion on a product and he attacked me as a person. I will never shop atbthe brick again because of m experience with tyson. I also witnessed him speaking down to other employees while we were there. My parents left today without making a purchase because of him. I would like something done about him immediately and I would like to know the outcome please. I need to know that something is going to be done so that he can never speak to another person like that again. I have worked in retail for many years and I would never dream of speaking like that to a customer. I was not happy with the products and voiced my opinion about that. But apparently that is not ok with Tyson. He had to be sure to call me names before I left his store. I will definitely be letting my friends and family know about my experience with Tyson at the brick. I seriously cannot believe what just happened today.

Sep 26, 2017

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