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The Brick, Prince George, Bc / no response from the brick

1 Prince George, British Columbia, Canada Review updated:

We bought a sofa, big screen tv complete surround sound from the brick our first time ever buying anything there. Do not go there to buy anything. I will never darken their doorstep again. We got the sofa home and realized it was broken on one end. The sofa is one that reclines at both ends. The one end was fine the other is broken. I went into the brick and explained this they said we will have another one brought in but we would have to pay a $112.00 delivery charge so I paid this. The delivery drivers show up and want to look at the sofa they then proceed to take apart the sofa they were pulling it ect.. Trying to bend it back into place I guess. When I seen what they were doing I explained that I paid them to deliver my new sofa not try and repair the one I have. So they brought in the new sofa and it was no better both ends of that new one where worse then the one I have. So I told them they can just take back both and give me my money back they said they could not. I called the brick and spoke to the most rude lady they should have here # fired she explained that if I wanted another sofa delivered I would have to pay the $112.00 again. And they will not give me my money back in store credit only can you believe that. So I said order another sofa in and check it this time before you bring it out to me as we live out of town. No we cannot do this they are shipped as is. This lady was not a customer service rep that's for sure. I said they should be giving me a new sofa and a refund on my delivery for all this. The lady said they could only give me $140.00 and I can keep my broken sofa. Fine I thought but this is not over I will call the regional manager to get results. Wrong.

Meanwhile the delivery drivers left there screwdriver at our house so we said when they called back that they would have to wait until the following sat as we both work during the week and are not home. So the following week I remembered to go into the brick to get my so called credit back. The lady that I spoke to said just a minute went in the back and came out and said oh no we cannot give you your credit as you have not returned the drivers screwdriver. Needless to say I came unscrewed. Your drivers forgot it and you expect me to return it they were coming out on sat to pick it up. She said very snarly to me "well you could have brought it back like it would have killed you". So I called there edmonton head office and spoke to a lady named linda very nice and explained what happened and she could not believe they treated me that way. She then told me to call the brick in williams lake to get ahold of the regional manager. I called there and talked to a gentleman named andy very very nice man explained my story and said he would get the regional manager to call me right away as he could not give me his number. So this has been about 2 weeks now and I have called andy everyday saying that I have had no phone call and he says everytime I will call and let him know. So in the end I have a sofa that is a piece of crap that we cannot use and no one seems to care. Well this is not over and if I have to I will go to the papers or whatever I have to do to settle this. They just pissed off the wrong person.

So beware all of prince george, british columbia do not shop at the brick.

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  • Sa
      1st of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    While reading this comment I could not help but wonder if you used this sort of language and CAPS LOCK in a complaints blog on the internet, in what sort of manner were you talking to the person that works in Customer service at the Brick? As a person who works in Customer Service I've been called every bad name under the sun by people who dont always get what they want. The only reason the person on the other end of the phone would use such attitude towards you is if you were being rude to them, remember that you need to give respect to get it in return. Also I've noticed that in this entire rant of yours you are completely innocent which is hardly ever the case. It was your lack of respect and patience that got you the treatment that you are so opinionated on.

  • Me
      10th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wow... I must say that I am extremely impressed by the response submitted by Sarah123.. I can say that we agree 100% with you.. It is tough being in Customer Service.. People seem to always forget that it is not personal.. And while trying to understand the frustrations of clients and finding a positive solution.. it is sometimes never good enough for the client. Every retailer, financial institution down to a grocery store, everywhere has policies and procedures. And getting angry and swearing at a customer service rep is never going to help a situation.. They are there to HELP you!! And while you continue to demand things that are most likely unreasonable and swear and yell at that customer service rep.. Do you really think that rep is smiling about taking your garbage phone call? Do you really think that taking it out on your rep is really going to get you the solution you wanted?? No... and most likely you probably blew the situation out of proportion. Your product came damaged? Maybe you should remember that when purchasing something there are possibilities of damages.. No one set out to damage your product just to make your day miserable.
    I can't say for sure but in my opinion I'm sure the reps at The Brick are grateful that you have no intention of "darkening their doorstep again"

  • Su
      10th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I've dealt with the Brick customer service on several occasions and they truly pathetic. There merchandise is cheap in quality and over priced and once they get your order that's when the service stops. They never call you back and are rude and not helpful at all. They always screw up the shipments and treat you like it's the customers fault. I too work in customer service also and I would never treat my customers like that and I just expect the same service in return... which you definitely don't get from the Brick Ottawa.

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