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The Brick / delivery of defective furniture

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In June of '05 i purchased an entertainment wall unit off The Brick.com To be told that my delivery would be between 6 to 8 weeks. Finally just after the 12 week mark i received my furniture, Only to find that parts of it were glued together crooked and the towers were scratched. I phoned the internet sales Department to be told that a technician would have to come out. A technician came a few days later only to tell me that i would need to have the item replaced, which i told them already thatssssssss i wouldn't except anything other then a new unit. The internet Department said it would be another 6 to 8 weeks for another one to be shipped out. I told them that i was told that before and it ended up being 12 weeks and that i wanted my TV off the floor by Christmas. So i said i would go into the Langley brick store and exchange what i had purchased for something that was in stock. I went to the store and picked a unit off of the floor that i was told was in stock. I also purchased a video camera that day. When completing my invoicing i was told that they would give me my video camera at 12 months no interest to run with my entertainment unit as well as $125.oo off the price of the unit. This was supposed to be my compensation for the hassle i had. Upon the arrival of my new unit, they had now shipped me the totally wrong unit from which i went into the store and picked out. I was then told that the unit was not all instock and that i would have to wait for about another month. It is now November and I really wanted my TV off the floor by Christmas so i asked for the floor model temporarily so that i could finally have a complete unit. Even though i was settling for something i wasn't crazy about. ( my mistake ). I never did recieve a brand new base for my TV to sit on. After 3 months of receiving our statements for our Brick card the forth month we noticed that they had started charging interest on our camera we bought. We phoned HSBC finance and they told us we would have to go into the Brick to have it straightened out. We went to the Brick and the girl behind the desk faxed a piece of paper off to HSBC Finance. The next bill that came again had interest charged on it, we then contacted the brick again and were told to make the minimum payment because sometimes it takes a billing cycle for the changes to apply. The following month the same thing..interest. Again we visited the store again the girl faxed off a piece of paper. The next month the same thing, the interest was never taken off. We paid on the account for a few months and then decided it would be in our best interest to pay off the card as this problem was obviously not going to be taken care of. On January 30th we went into the Brick and paid our account in full with a cheque. The following month we received a bill from HSBC Finance with a $0 Balance and then HSBC bill collectors started phoning my house asking for late payment. Everytime they phoned i told them that the account had been paid in full. My response was "oh i see it now" Sorry for bothering you. This problem continued to happen for weeks. Till finally one Saturday i received not kidding 5 phone calls from HSBC Finance before 12 noon. I then phoned the Brick and asked them if they could phone HSBC finance and have them stop phoning and harassing me as i had paid the account in there store and they should have a record of it. I also at this time put in a call to the regional manager of the Brick, when she phoned back a week later her response to my complaint was that i have been compensated enough. I explained to her that i was not asking for compensation but that an apology would be nice, and that it would benefit the Brick to make sure this doesn't happen to the next person. Then during a visit to the Brick with my paper work I was then told nearly two months later through emails that the Brick had with HSBC finance in regards to my account that my cheque was stale dated and could not be cashed. Even though there was a photocopy of the cheque sent to the Brick and it looked perfectly right. I then told the brick that i wanted my cheque back if it wasn't going to be cashed and i would give them another one. I was told i would have to get it from HSBC finance. They would not give it to me. I had to put a stop payment on the cheque. And issue another one. To this day nobody other then a bill collector has ever called my house from HSBC finance to give me a explanation as to what happened with my cheque... As for the Brick i have nothing good to say about them and i will never shop there again!!!!


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N  9th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I have ordered a coach and matching chair from the brick that i have beenwaiting on for over two weeks now that has been paid for in full. Approximately six years ago i had purchased a TV from the brick and had two incorrect deliveries .
Very concerned and unhappy customer!!
N  23rd of Sep, 2009 by 
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Don`t Ever Go buy at The Brick!! Bunch of Liars and Stolen People Out There!!! Never Ever Pay for Something You Don`t Got right Now!!! i Purchased a 50inch Plasma T.v with a wall mount for 1513$$ and they always said to me that the thing is not Arrived at Montreal and it will be shipped next WEEK on the Truck...###ing ###!!! i am so pissed off right now i just want to go there and Smack Them in the Face!!! what a ###ing Disgrace to Stole money from people like us!!! i swear the god they are not done With me...they gonna give me my money back or they gonna suffer!!! Those ###ing Pigs!!!

A  3rd of Oct, 2009 by 
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The Brick ripped me off almost 200$.They made a mistake when typing in the amount of money i gave them and when I went to pick up my TV (which was supposed to be delivered, but after waiting for a month and they screwed up on the delivery I went to get it because they lied to me the whole time about when it was going to be here and i wasn't going to trust them to deliver it). The Tv first wouldn't fit in my car and i went to the front and the owner was there and being an ### to me (I am 8 months pregnant btw). Made me pay 200$ more to get my things because he said I needed to bring my receipt with me to indicate that I had paid for my purchase and if I didn't give him the money to forget about taking my 1500$ cash purchase home with me. Can you believe that? He was such a rude pig and was laughing in my face and cracking jokes because I live almost 2 hours away from there. Saying how city people aren't used to it but since I live in a remote place I should shut up. Now I have to go back there to get my 200$ that they stole from me because my recepit did indicate I paid in full and the right amount. The way they treat their customers should push away clientele. All they have is a bunch of excuses and the worst service i have ever had in my life. I am planning on going back there in a few days with my receipt to get my 200$ back and I'm going to make him shut up and give me compensation for all the trouble I had. I finaly had to take the plasma tv out of the box to bring home on an almost 2 hour drive, almost breaking it. Don't ever buy from there. It'll teach me to pay for something before I get it!!!
N  24th of Feb, 2010 by 
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I recently bought 2 couches from the brick in NE Calgary, and I have to say that I was extremely disappointed with the service I received. From the moment I walked into the store, I was followed and harassed by the sales staff... I realize that they are commission based, however literally following 10 feet behind me for more than 30 minutes after I specifically said that I was only browsing is unprofessional and extremely rude. That was only half of the problem, I ended up buying a couch and love seat, and the love seat was not in stock... no problem these things happen. BUT!! As the delivery date came for the love seat to arrive, the service became increasing horrendous. I was booked for a delivery between 9-11am, which I stayed home from work so I would be able to let the delivery guys into my home... they didn't show up or call within the delivery window. When I called the store I was told that my move was delayed and that the representative I was on the phone with, would call the drivers and get an eta, AND ask them to call me...

To make this long story short, I waited 13 hours with no reply from either the telephone staff or the delivery personnel. They showed up at 10:30pm with the only phone call coming at 10:00 pm to say they were on the way. When they finally arrived they stunk of weed and were obviously stoned, they said my delivery had to be bumped from the first of the day to the last of the day because the second move they had booked had filled up they're truck... Does this make sense to you?? How do I go from first to last because the 2nd delivery had a lot of furniture??? Especially without a phone call!! I ended up missing a whole day of work and received not a single call from the drivers or manager. The management really pissed me off too, because when I called to speak with someone, I was told they weren't in and to leave a message, which I did. I called again the next day with the same response. Finally I was told on the 3rd day of calling that a manager was given my message and to expect a call right away... It has been 3 weeks and I haven't received a call, apology or any other form of recognition of the mistakes made by the company.

I would recommend that all consumers buy furniture, appliances and TV's from any other company!!! I will never buy from the brick again and will proactively discourage others from buying from them as well.
D  11th of Aug, 2010 by 
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You guys are a bunch of [censor]ing idiots. I know for a fact that they have well over 200 locations in Canada, and common sense says each store MUST do well over $1, 000, 000 every month. So we are looking at $12, 000, 000/year per store, so that goes up to 240, 000, 000 a year in business, and you expect them to be 100% perfect and have EVERY single piece they carry in stock??? and of course there is no business in this world that can have 100% of their customers satisfied. If you use your brain then you will know that for the volume they do, they are doing an AMAZING JOB!!! It's very embarrassing that you think you have a valid point when they are doing well over 240, 000, 000 a year in business and there is only 4 complaints in this forum. I know for idiots like you 4 its hard, but if you get somebody to help you think, then you'll know that they are doing GOOD!!!
N  17th of Jan, 2011 by 
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Shawn, off all the reviews including these four I have ever read regarding Bricks I have yet to see anyone having a positive experience. I have just purchased from Bricks and living through a nightmare trying to resolve all their mistakes. All my friends and colleagues who have purchased from Bricks share the same experience. Bricks may be big now but if they don't get their acts together, with enough unsatisfactory customers they will go down. You obviously work for Bricks but when they go down I hope you go down with them for your foul attitude.
A  17th of Jan, 2011 by 
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I have a problem with the Brick too. I have a 5yr warrenty on my recliner couch. After one yr of use the one recliner was locking. Three times a tech came to take pics. What the hec. Finally they took it away and repaired it. Now I can't close the recliner at all. They keep making excuses. The part is coming from China. It has been a month and a half since they told me that. I'm still waiting. This has been going on since May 2010. Like wake up Brick. Your not good to your customers. It seems once they have your money they don't want to do anything. I will take them to small claims court if action is not taken soon.
A  1st of Jun, 2011 by 
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I got screwed on a delivery today and just read all of these comments. I'm planning on canceling what was purchased last week and will take my business elsewhere. Thank you everyone for the heads up!
N  27th of Jan, 2012 by 
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SHAWN B - your a piece of piss where do you get your numbers from you think every store makes a mill a month put your crack pipe down you think only 4 people are pissed pull your head out of your ### You must work there and have clearly never purchased any ### from the Brick. I could write a book " Nightmares at the Brick". I am on my 4th couch, 3 piece set and STILL going! I have been insulted, lied to and overcharged. Id like to know where you live, underneath a rock in the Yukon????!! Wake up and smell the coffee. Its obvious you have no friends because you would of heard of this ### before, from the Brick Customers. I hope you buy something from the Brick, you ###. Then you ll know what were talking about. Till then, f*** OFF you little maggot!!
D  16th of Dec, 2013 by 
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they are a part of the brick and don't back anything, i have a warrantee issue with my couch and sale guy told me same BULL everything covered, THEN they come take pictures and tec tells me it is a bad design and factory warranty will cover it, then i get a call from RENNE from head office saying they don't cover all that i was told at time of purchase 780-577-4065 her head office number, they told me they would cover only the lifts on my unit but not were seems are coming apart from what their tec said bad design, THEN I COMPLAINED TO HER AND SHE SAID SHE WILL LOOK INTO IT . I GOT A CALL BACK IN 5 MIN saying now they will not cover anything at all and will give me 300 in store credit . i told i will not ever buy from THE BRICK AGAIN . i asked for their OBUDSMAN number and yet to here . THESE PEOPLE ALL WORK together / again RENNE at the brick 780-577-4065 she said she feels bad how they turned on me . STAY AWAY FROM THE BRICK TERRIBLE COMPANY
N  16th of Dec, 2013 by 
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I JUST POSTED 5 MIN AGO . this site works
Renne just called back and gave me 1000 inshore credit for my problems !!!
N  29th of Dec, 2013 by 
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I have nothing good to say about the Brick, we have 5 year warranty on everything we bought, first it took us forever to get our stuff initially, we had some stuff break which is understandable which is why we wanted the warranty, but first after I called the initial warranty number, it took a couple weeks to get back to us after the initial call, they said it would take three days. Finally got back us we sent some pictures, and they are going to replace the stuff that broke on us. Second problem was the Brick in Lethbridge, a terrible store to deal with. They called for our delivery, and gave us the time period when they would show up. They said they would call give us 20 minutes warning. They called, and I missed the call, called back within 5-10 minutes, and said they could not deliver today, and never even showed up at the house !! After we took everything apart, to help with taking the old stuff out. I complained the next day, and they sent out one delivery guy which I had to help bring in the stuff, only to unpack it and it was damaged. He also was taking apart my mirror which was in good condition, and put a scratch in that, and damaging my wall. I called to complain and they said a manager would get back to us, this has been three weeks, no one has contacted us. I also emailed the pictures of the damage to the initial warranty girl in Edmonton Kristen Ball who helped me initially and it has been three weeks no response, I have also called her and left messeges and no call back. No one has contacted me if they are bringing out a new dresser, or going to fix the damage on my wall or if they are going to replace my mirror that was damaged by the delivery guy !! WORST customer service !!! Never will buy anything with the Brick after this experience !!!

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