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The Brick / 7 months to wait for 2 chairs

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The following email explains my complaint. I have sent this to various executives at the Brick and I am not getting a response.

I sent this note originally on May 2nd after we received the wrong colour chairs as I describe below. I deal with Natasha at the Brick superstore in Mississauga and she arranged for the correct colour chairs to be ordered and agreed to credit us 150.00, which by the way has not been done up to now. I do have to say that Natasha was very good at customer service and she did help us initially to feel like you were going to take care of this situation for us.

We kept the green chairs up until last week. Last week my husband got a call from the warehouse stating our correct cream colour chairs were in and that someone would be by to pick up the green chairs and deliver the cream chairs. It turns out that last week, the guys came by picked up the 2 green chairs but did not have our correct cream chairs. I called Natasha and she told me that the sales person made another mistake. He ordered quantity of 1 chair instead of the 2. So now we have to wait another 6-8 weeks to get our set of 2 chairs that we have ordered in Feb and fully paid for back in April. I can’t imagine that you believe that 7 months is acceptable for a customer to wait for 2 chairs. I have to question why we should pay for these chairs at all now. We are reasonable people and understand that mistakes are made in business but at this point our patience is running out. We need you to credit us the total purchase price of these chairs to show some good faith and keep us as customers.

Please respond to us as soon as possible.

Sandra or Ken

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From: Sandra
Sent: May 2, 2006 11:16 AM
To: ''
Subject: Customer Complaint - wrong chairs provided


The Brick

Regional Vice President, East
6765 Kennedy Rd.
Mississauga, Ontario
L5T 2R6
Fax: [protected]

Attention: Regional Vice President, East
My husband and I purchased 2 ROWE chairs at the superstore in Mississauga, formerly known as the Homeshow. We purchased these chairs Feb 3rd of this year. The order number is 02036H30585001. The sales person did tell us it might take up to 6 weeks to get the chairs. We accepted this because we only needed the chairs in early May as this is when our family from Europe is visiting. We need these chairs to complete our dinning room.

We picked up the two chairs on Monday April 17th. It took 10 weeks to get the chairs. When we got home my husband unpacked them and as I came down the stairs I could not believe what I was seeing. The chairs are green, we ordered a light cream colour. I called the brick store and after three days of back and forth phone calls I got confirmation that the chairs were ordered with the wrong code. The customer service agent put in a new order and now we will have to wait probably another two months to get our chairs. That puts the total wait time for these two chairs at over four months. This is just ridiculous.

The customer service agent did say that they would try to rush the order to get it in about 6 weeks but we have heard that before. The major problem we have now is that our family from Europe is arriving in 2 weeks and we can’t use these green chairs because they don’t go with our décor and they look awful in our dinning room. We have to store them while we wait for our chairs to arrive. We have been loyal customers of the Homeshow and the Brick, we purchased our Natuzzi leather couches at the Homeshow as well as our coffee tables.

We feel that we should be compensated for this major mistake on your part, in the form of a discount on these chairs. We would like to continue to trust the Brick and continue to shop at your stores but if there is no effort to turn this very frustrating, very negative experience into a somewhat positive experience, I am afraid we won’t trust the Brick and will choose to do our shopping elsewhere in the future.

I hope to hear from you very soon with an offer for compensation.



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  • Me
      9th of Jun, 2008
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    ATT; eastrvp my name is Meera I've purchase a complete bedroom set that cost well over $5000.00 at the Mississauga &Dundas store my sales represented was Shahida .SHE WAS OK until I started having problems the Ihad to deal with managers which by the way is so many but not one has step up to the plate to resolve my problem my furniture was to be delivered on the 5th June, am then turned into pm 4-7 then 5-9 which arrived at 8.40pm then the guys could not set the furniture because the hardware was missing then they came on the 6th june put the furniture up Sunday slept on the bed when I got out of the bed the side rail fell out .Because they didn't put the right amount of hardware it was also improperly done .I've been calling for help since Saturday all I keep getting is the run around. I'M VERY DISSAPOINTED IN LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE AND ALSO TO WARN PEOPLE OF THE DISTRESS THE BRICK CAN CAUSE.I will never shop at the brick again .I've brought furniture from Leon's &from Arrow Furniture and was very happy and 100% satisfied please be warn because of this furniture from the Brick I haven't slept in four days ITS 9th June still not put together.

  • So
      1st of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Please any consumers that have a problem please look up Ontario Government Ministry of consumer and corporate affairs!!!

  • Sa
      13th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I to just wanted to say that I purchased a 3 peice Blue Chanielle sofa set form the Brick in Saskatoon on April 20/08. It is now August 13/08 and I still don't have any of my furniture yet. How long does it take, this is crazy it shouldn't take that long. Now they called me to say that it might be in maybe early Sept 5mnths later. I purchased a leather set 3yrs ago from Konto I only had to waite 1mnth. I have no furniture in my living room for 4mnths and they don't care. I thought they were a good company but I will never buy anything from them again and I to will pass the word along to family and friends. I have a family owned business here in Saskatoon and would never treat my customers that way, i'm very disappointed in their lack of customer service never again. I was thinking of Leon's or Furniture World for my purchase
    does anyone know if their good companies to buy stuff.

  • Sa
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Do you people realize the Brick doesn't manufacture anything themselves? Do you think they have a shop in every basement where they are holding your furniture hostage? NO
    Maybe you should call the manufacturing company in China and yell at them because the underpaid children labourers arent making your furniture fast enough while they are losing fingers.

    Ps. Do you really think anyone cares that your green chairs dont go with the decor?

  • Ry
      3rd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    The Brick is the biggest piece of crap company around. The prices are from average to high, the quality is clearly poor and their so called customer service or employees are 100% useless. They are all commisioned based and get bonuses for extended warranties sold, and we all know how good their warranty is. My question to you. is how does a company like this still exist?? I've bought a simple china cabinet and when we opened the box not only were we missing pieces but some of the wood or so called wood more like painted particle board was damaged. Go back to the Brick they give me a # to contact the manufacturer and have them send me the part. I just went to Leon's found one already built in the liquidation section and bought one made of solid wood that was worth $1199 for only $249 and I just through out the other on in the garbage. Clearly I didn't learn my lesson because a few years later they were having a boxing day sale and I decided to buy some appliances from them. I bought the top of line stainless steel Fridge, dual oven/stove and a dishwasher along with one of those fancy washer and dryers. However we weren't moving into our house until Feb 1. Thank god this time I applied and use a brick credit card. After the purchase things started to change I kept getting calls saying I have to take the appliances the latest by the second week in January. I tried to explain that I don't own the house until Feb 1 and did not want to deliver them into storage to repay delivery fees and not know if anything works. They didn't care and kept putting pressure and finally the smartest thing I did was cancel the fridge and washer and dryer the stove and the dishwasher apparently was no problem to wait. Bought the other stuff at Future Shop actually got the same stuff and ended up saving a bit too and they had no problem delivering whenever I want, also when they delivered no problems came on time on the right day and never had a problem. Now we wait for the brick, however somehow these dummies deliver to the wrong address not once but twice and I have to take two days off work since they would not specify a time for delivery just between 8am - 3 pm. Finally the stuff arrives, the stove looks like it was knocked around in the truck a bit and has lots of scratches but atleast it works great. But when you spend over $2000 just on a stove you sorta want it perfect. The dishwasher what a complete disaster looks like they stacked the oven on top of the dishwasher and the whole top of the unit is pushed down into the dish compartment and clearly doesn't work. Go to the brick show pictures of the damage they offer $150 off the stove wow a whole 7% discount usually everywhere the minimum is 10-20% considering how much damage but I don't argue since I need them to fix the dishwasher. They send another truck with another dishwasher and I have to pay a plumber that just installed the borken machine to remove it and install the new one. The new one they send seems to work but the controls are broken and the display too so you don't know what setting the washer will do. They send a repair man who identifies the problem and takes parts from the other defective machine that is sitting there waiting to be picked up by the brick. He gets the display to work and leaves. However I find it very odd that to wash my dishes it takes a minimum of 2 hours even though there are instant cycles and quick wash features. That's not the worst part, the machine even after two hours has trouble dissolving the soap and leaves the dishes dirty. After 6 visits from the brick and still no dishwasher that works I get a call informing me that the unit has been recalled and that they will exchange it with me for a new one, great more days off work. However when I get there, sure they are willing to trade but to downgrade me as well. I bought a $1699 dishwasher for $1199 on boxing day and they will only allow me to trade it towards the lower end models that retail from $999 to $1199 but that model sold at boxing day for $799. I agree to take the downgrade but refuse to pay any more plumber costs since I was already out $300 for all those installs and removals. The brick also promised me a $300 credit for the 8 visits I had to take off work and the $300 I spend with the plumber. However the last two times the brick came by they refused to remove the old dishwasher and insisted that I pay again a plumber to come remove then pay him again to come back and install the new one a minimum of $200 for two seperate visits I said if you left the new machine I will pay the $100 fee to remove and install the new one the same time. They refused and over 15 months later I am still washing all my dishes by hand. The only thing that gave me leverage is that I refuse to pay for the dishwasher and have sent them a registered letter with my complaints still with no response just some collection agency trying to fish for $$$ until I sent them a registered letter saying I will sue them for slander should they try and affect my credit rating over such non-sense and not only would I take them to small claims court which costs people less then $20 and companies a minimum of $150 plus companies need a lawyer present. Everyone knows any lawyer that sees the abuse THE BRICK puts it's clients through, that THE BRICK has no case and no judge with render in their favor. I'm still waiting to see what happens because I'll make them famous and not in the way they want. Also complain the better business bureau and consumer protection enough complaints they shut down the company

  • Co
      3rd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    check out 'natuzzi price fixing' on google

    You should all know that its been reported today that;
    'Cary Benson has resigned as president of Natuzzi Americas, a spokeswoman for the Italy-based upholstery manufacturer confirmed. The company has not announced a replacement. Officials could not immediately be reached for comment.'

    How convenient not having ANY Officials available for comment. Couldn't possibly be because Natuzzi have been reported to the SEc, and the US Dept of Justice and the UK's Office of Fair Trading, facing potential fines which could total up to $200m, and extradition and imprisonment for Italian directors? Resigning does not escape from a jail sentence or at least it shouldn't!

  • Sa
      6th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Regional Vice President, East
    6765 Kennedy Rd.
    L5T 2R6
    Fax: 905-696-3402

    My name is Zaheer Ahmed,
    I gave a laptop for repair, it was on warranty. On the 20th of April, 2009. The Brick store is located on highway 401 Weston Road. There is a Ms.Kelly that i have spoken to twice, I even visited the store my self but they said that someone had already retreived my laptop. I will send the copy of the work order, now find out where my laptop is. I'm very enraged, and i want my laptop back. I sent you an e-mail and you didn't respond. Should i take this to court? And I'm very very happy with the service iv gotten... i havent had a response from you guys for a year now.

  • Iv
      22nd of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    My wife and i purchased a dishwasher from the brick in Moose Jaw Sk. in Jan. of this year on the 3 month payment option.The account was paid on time.Now THe Brick is telling us that it was never paid for and they are charging interest ..We have had some very interesting phone calls with their very poor customer service to no avail.
    The people at HSBC sre very good but their hands are tied until the brick credits our account, so interest keeps piling up.
    I hope all who complained about the brick are like and will never enter one of their stores again

  • El
      30th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    I will never and ever go to the brick again because some many complains existing. Everyone should be aware of how bad they treat their customers. I believe sooner or later they will close by their bad attitute of the way they treat their customer.

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