Terrace Bc Clinic Shoppers Drug Mart / breach confidentiality/malicious

Terrace, BC, Canada

I went to the shoppers drug mart pharmacy to have a prescription renewed, The lady pharmacist was obviously having a bad, and she was helping a lady before me. The employee was quite loud with her and when it came to my turn she was quite rude and short with her words and became annoyed with me quickly. She turned to go up to the desk, where the phone was, to call the on call Dr. She looked right at me and maliciously began to say my full name as her voice was getting louder, she followed that with what prescription I was taken and followed that with what the issue at hand was. Now forgive me if I am wrong but I do have confidentiality when it comes to this type of info. Others were within ears reach and I believe her to have jeopordized my business reputation, I do not need my clients to know my personal affairs. I wrote a letter prior to this but have not received a response. I am quite traumatised the event and now feel apprehensive about visiting the store which supplies the very medications that are very important to my continuation of employment as well as up setting my home life. I suffer from an on going long term disease that is progressive and have had this diagnosis for many years. I wanted to change a prescription but was sent home with the meds that were very hard on my stomach and consequently ended up stopping that one for a couple of weeks and also missed a Dr's appt on the 16th of this month as I was intimidated by my last visit.

Jul 30, 2014

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