Telus / webstore

I have never had such a nightmare dealing something before. The webstore is impossible to get through. I ordered a phone from them. Never got confirmation it was shipped, just showed up one day! Guess what phone doesn't work! Been calling webstore for almost a week straight...been on hold for 3 hours each time. No answer! Leave a message, no reply! Send an email NOTHING!!! Try calling them as soon as they open, still on hold listening to the same songs over and over. FED up!!! I have barely had a working phone for a week and there is nothing I can even do?! Telus tells me it's a webstore problem and only they can deal with it, well how the hell can I get this dealt with when I can't get through or get no reply?!? Does anyone even work there?!?! Get your crap together webstore. You are the absolute worst! Because of you I have not had a phone and no resolution. $800 piece of s***!!! just want to cancel at this point and go somewhere else. The absolute worst service EVER!!! Avoid ordering from the webstore at all costs!

Jan 10, 2017

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