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recently i have made a decision to ditch telus and sign up with Shaw because of poor customer service telus provides. So i had everything setup to port my home phone to shaw from telus on the May 11th but today (may 4th) my home phone service got cancelled. Early morning i called telus and they said cancelled phone numbers cannot be restored. I said i wanted to talk to someone else because things didn't make any sense so the person transfers me over to the service repair department. They told me it will take about an hour for them to restore my service. 5 hours later, my phone still didn't work. Called telus again and this person tells me that my phone service cannot be restored because my number is scheduled to be ported out to shaw a week later. After hearing that i went nuts and the phone got disconnected... big surprise...
I called back and of course a different person picks up and tells me a different story about how their "tech" is working to restore the number and what not and it will take another 3~4 hours. I've had this phone number for 15+ years and if these idiots in their so called helpdesk is telling me it cannot be salvaged because they made the mistake of cancelling the service. i have been with telus for over 5 years and this kind of BS is what made me switch to shaw... When I told them i was going to switch to shaw they started offering me better price with faster internet speed...I asked them why Im only being offerred something better as soon as i tell them that im going to switch and that i've had no offers in the last 5 years. Their answer was "we JUST upgraded the circuit in your area recently"...and I live in west side vancouver where my cousin had 15mbps months ago from telus... I was paying $45 for 3.0mbps connection which is a rip off in this day and age...and they offered me 15mbps which i told them i didn't want because telus has done nothing for me to stay with them. I'd rather go to shaw where i will only be getting 7.5mbps but I won't be with telus anymore... As of may 11th, i will be ending a looooong business relationship i had with telus switching all my home services to shaw (home phone + internet). And i swear telus isn't getting a penny out of my pocket for the rest of my life

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      23rd of Aug, 2010

    I hope your port went ok

    Typically once a number is cancelled the on going carrier can't port it, this is a common tactic used by telus to get the customer to call in and attempt retention. However, Shaw is well versed with this scam and will play hard-ball with Telus' carrier relations team to port the number, under regulation Telus cannot "refuse" to port the number, but they will certainly try to delay it...

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