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Telus/Easy PC plan / false advertising and overcharging

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The Internet connection plan that the company advertises comes with the laptop (provided that the customer signs the 3 year plan). The laptop that they advertise is Dell Inspiron 1525. They advertise it as valued at $689 CAD. However upon checking the website one will find that the Laptop is actually valued at $499 CAD. I found the $190 dollar discrepancy rather large and called the company to find out why they advertise a false value. The customer service representative had no answers for me other than " I have no idea".
Here are the links to the dell website:

And the Telus website link:

As You can see the specs for laptop on telus website are the same as the cheapest laptop on Dell web site.
This is obviously a scam. Which is one of the more famous traits of Telus. Even more so than the quality of their service.

Sergey Agapov.

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  • Bi
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    That's right - I noticed the same thing! So much for $699 laptop offer!
    seems like Telus is ripping people off - as usual, not to mention their customer service is complete crap!

  • Da
      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    I have the laptop too but if you are comparing the details on the basic Dell 1525 to the one offered by Telus it isn't exactly the same. With the basic Dell model you don't get the bulit in 2.0 Webcam/Camera but with the one offered by Telus you do. You also get a 120GB hard drive with Telus's Dell laptop offer whereas the basic one you only get 80 GB. So you need to look at these factors that determine the "approximate list price". Also it is subject to change. Dell has changed the prices and the Dell laptop has been offered for almost a year now. When you think about it its not a scam and you really are getting what they've advertised. Never jump to conclusions without doing a little research or asking the right questions.

  • Ni
      27th of Nov, 2008
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    I think its a scam too, I was told I am going to recieve a SONY but I got a cheap crappy SLOW dell :(
    and also my dell DOES NOT HAVE CAM !

  • Xo
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    Do you people really believe that a laptop says the same price, and Dell is bound by telus terms and conditions for retail market value? You going to blame telus when the Inspiron 1525 hits the clearance bin at dell too? Is it there fault? Serious folks, the deal is offered to users who need internet and do not have 600.00 to buy a notebook at the time of the promotion, if you had the money and did not need a monthly installment ( 0 interest ) you would not even consider the easy pc plan, but yet you whine.

    I think telus is being scammed by you the USER, you create your own reality, stop blaming everyone else and be accountable for your own actions, if you do not like the deal do not sign up and go pay cash and buy one at the store, instead of havng to use there free financing and then blame them because you do not get the same deals as consumers who are paying cash out right.

    *rolls eyes*

  • Je
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    Well people as Canadians, you typically never do homework as for telus, In Canada they have the best, quickest, and most honest customer service. They are also the worlds largest telecommunications provider, if it wasn't for Telus formerly AGT there would not be any overseas phone lines except old cables with whale music in the background.. You want crap service go to Rogers, their internet is 75% lower than what they advertise.. Their customer service department is totally off line ..Their auto-matron phone answering robot sucks, it takes 3 hours to get a hold of anyone other than the stupid robot.. Their web page is the slowest in the world and half of it does not work.. Telus easy PC plan is technically a good deal and still is.. Telus did make a mistake and apologized for it, when they switched from Lenovo/IBM to Dell, everyone knows Dell is complete garbage and anyone who buys one, better tear the thing apart when they get it and check every component in it against what said person ordered.. Then you will feel ripped off and scammed.. Telus has now switched to Sony, however if you "phone them on a Telus phone line" like if you have telus mobile or land-phone, they will get you any dam computer you want on a 3 year contract .. The computer price is based against Internet package contract or various telephone /Internet/ bundles. and price may be up or down. Telus is a very flexible company.. In reality it is the best communication provider in this dam country and they are fair and reasonable. Their Internet is fast it is safe and after all you do get a free lifetime current and respectable anti virus program included.. Norton's full package is 129.00 a year e-protect is exactly the same for included with plan...So dipstick quit your whining and get a hold of telus "customer service " department and they will work left and right with you to correct the problem.. One other thing if you are ### about Dell, , why not tell them to take the dam thing back and give you what you were supposed to get, , the problem is Dell not Telus

  • Ta
      25th of Mar, 2009
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    My boyfriend ordered the Telus Easypc Plan for me at the end of January 2009. It is now March 25, 2009 and I still have NOT received my laptop. I think Telus's delivery times for the laptop is ridiculous. We did receive an e-mail with a tracking number about three weeks ago, however, it never made it to our address. Canada Post said there was an incorrect address. They sent it back. We called Telus because the modem and the bills seem to arrive to our address correctly!!! They told us it would take another two weeks to get the laptop. Three weeks later, and no laptop.

    I have decided that if I do not receive the laptop by the end of this week, I will call and cancel. And if they try and charge me for cancellation, I will fight it in court. You can not charge someone for cancellation if you did not keep your end of the bargin. When the service was initially ordered, it said 4 Weeks for laptop delivery. It has now been 8 weeks !

    Becareful if ordering the EASYPC PLAN from telus.


  • Sh
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    First off jenak, either you are an employee of telus or you've never tried to get any assistance for anything from telus. Last year their techinical department almost destroyed my computer with inconsistent, conflicting and confusing advice. When I eventually had to take my computer to be repaired because it would no longer boot up, I was eventually able to get it paid for and the person I finally spoke to fell all over himself with apologies. I cancelled my internet as a result even though I had to pay the fee. Then about six months later, I thought, okay, maybe I'll give them another go...(remember that saying, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?) So on February 2 I ordered highspeed with the promotional computer. My other computer, even repaired has not been well enough for me to risk internet on it but I thought a new one might do the trick. I was told it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get the computer. I got the modem three days later. Four weeks after placing my order I thought I would check and see if there was any word on when I was getting the computer as my bill showed that they were already charging me internet even though I have no computer to use it on. I was told that I would receive the computer 4 to 6 weeks after the internet was turned on. Well that made a lot of sense plus added 4 weeks to the original delivery time. A couple days later I thought, what the hell, I'll give them another call. this person told me to check my telus e-mail and there would be a tracking number and then I could call this number and find out when it would be delivered. No e-mail, no tracking number. A couple of days later I called again and was told that my concern was going to be forwarded to another department and straightened because someone had cancelled my order because I already had internet. Huh? Oh, but then they realized that I hadn't had internet for about six months. okay, but they said they were getting right on it. Two weeks later I called again and was told that they had no idea what had happened but that they were going to do an escalation to speed things up and get me my computer and it would take about two weeks. That was two weeks ago and I'm not holding my breath. In the meantime, I have a charge for almost two months worth of internet that I don't have. I have been assured that this charge will be reversed to reflect the actual time I start using internet. If this is the best, quickest, and most honest customer service, then I shudder to think what bad customer service is.

  • Aw
      5th of May, 2009
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  • An
      25th of May, 2009
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    I signed up for the EasyPC plan a year and a bit ago. I received my Laptop within 2 weeks (a Lenovo) and I have never had a problem with it.

    I also get great download speeds of well over 2Mbps and have not had a single outage.

    My experiences with Telus customer service have always been pleasent and any issue quickly resolved.

    Of course, no company or peson can ever please 100% of the people 100% of the time. So there will always be those people who complain. So if you want to complain about Telus, then by all means, go use a competitors service. Whatever turns your crank.

    In my experience as a computer technician with 12 years exerience, Telus is the only answer, Phone, Mobile Phone, Internet and TV. Far outperforms teh capability of any single wire Coax ancient tech.

  • De
      11th of Jun, 2010
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    I am NOT a big fan of telus, i had such, a bullcrap time at the begging of goin with them for my internt it took 6 weeks to get my modem and then the charged me for two month, with even having a modem, now my byfreind order this huge hd channel package, ALL channel amlost, plus internet, and phne, i pay amost 200 bucks, and i tryrd to get this laptop offer. NOPE, dont qaulify ?/ well i now should really cut aback or go with SHAW . it aint worth it they gave my cuzin the offer, and she is an custumer, [old], not fair so why did she get th offer i didnt get it, maybe she a better talker ??????????????????. with all the crap over chargin, big bills, and [censor] customer service, .WHY do i bother . some peolpe like them some dont . you decide ????????????????????????????????

  • Jt
      5th of Oct, 2011
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    same shipping ### for me a year after these posts. On a new laptop promotion this time its a HP pavillion G6 AMD Quad core.
    Its been 8 weeks and they still give me the run around when I call them!

  • To
      4th of Nov, 2012
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    I signed on with Telus, after cancelling with Shaw, over a year ago. Telus promised me the HP laptop if I signed with them. A year later, I still never got it! Even after calling them numerous times. They cancelled my contract after non payment and now they are charging me $408 for the easyPC service fee! Plus $240 cancellation fee. Those ### want $1413.99 from me now! What a joke. Good luck collecting that. I'm going back to Shaw.

  • Ha
      9th of Jan, 2014
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  • Pe
      9th of Aug, 2017
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