Telus Corporationworst customer service ever

In first week of November, 2014 I signed up for OPtik TV, Internet and Phone service for a 3 yr. contract by a door to door Rep. He also said that when My services are up and running and that I am satisfied with them, they will cancel my current services on my behalf (A BIG MISTAKE). On NOv. 20, A Telus installer came to install services, but left after 15 minutes saying he needs another contactor to bring the cable inside my house from the road before he can install anything. The next day my phone got cut off. After phoning My current provider Shaw, I found out that Telus have already phoned shaw and cancelled my phone service. Now I got No phone at all. After spending hours on the phone with different operators where each telling me something different, a week later my phone start working finally which telus did by using old phone wiring for the time being. The next installation appointment was Dec. 05 2014, Friday. Nobody showed up that day and then somebody called later that night and left a message that they will come on Dec. 10. Remember, A month later they still haven't installed anything except for temporary phone service. On Dec. 10 another installer came who finally explained me what needed to be done and it would be another two weeks at least. Then on, Dec. 15, I woke up to my surprise that My cable and internet services have been cut-off courtesy of Telus informing Shaw to cut them. Now I got another problem. After on the phone with telus most of the morning, a operator said that my case is being handled by a Escalation Manager and he will call me in 10 minutes as he is on the phone dealing with another caller. Nobody called for two days. I called the first guy who signed me up initially, he said his manager will call me and they will take care of it. She never called either. Finally, I had enough. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, I realized I could be without services for until new year as I cannot any response from Telus at all. I finally called Shaw and explained my situation. They restored my services within 24 hours. The very next morning their tech was at my door and installed all the services and stayed there until I was satisfied. I am amazed at how disorganized Telus is. I would never go back and told them so.

Dec 22, 2014

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