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Telus / horrible and unprofessional service!

1 Canada Review updated:

So I was using shaw cable internet and had no problems at all with it. I never had to call because my internet was not working, it always worked! So I went into future shop to buy a laptop and found out that if I signed up for telus high speed enhanced internet I would receive $400 off my laptop. I have had telus in the passed and had many problems but this was many many years ago so I figured that by now it had to of been better. So I signed up with telus last october. Since then I have had nothing but problems! My internet stops working all the time for no reason and my internet is very important to me because I do my schooling for courses online! If I don't have the internet for a few days it can screw me over with my classes. So then for the 3rd time my internet stopped working at the end of december so for the 3rd time I had to call telus tech support to find out why my internet was not working. I was then informed that my account was cancelled for non payment. I got very angry because I had not received a bill. I also did not realize that I hadn't received a bill yet and so I contacted customer care to find out why I wasn't getting any bills and to pay my bill immediately. So then I was told that my account was set up on automatic payments to come off of my visa every month and that was why I was not getting bills. This upset me very much because I never authorized them to take the payments for my bill off of my visa!!! The only reason they had my visa number was because I had to pay a small deposit for service because i'm just starting to establish my credit. When I had paid the deposit the representative asked me if I wanted to set up the monthly payments to come off my visa and I had said no!!! Somehow the cust service rep set it up on my account. I was then told that to reconnect my service I would have to pay a $20 reconnection charge. I got really mad and stated I was not going to pay this because it was not my fault the account was cancelled for non payment. The rep stated she would credit it to my account. The rep then stated they would send me out a bill because the balance owing was only $49. I offered to pay that right now to get it taken care of and the rep said that a bill would be sent out and it would be due then. I then asked for my account # so I could go online and get it taken care of right away. The rep would not give me this and said it would be on my bill. Then I was informed that to get my internet working she had to email another dept so they could unlock my modem. I was then told this would take up to 3 or 4 business days. And since this was thursday and the monday was new year's day that if my modem was not unlocked that day or the friday I would not have service until either the tuesday or wednesday. I was very angry but she said there was nothing she could do but she stated that the modems usually get unlocked within the first day. Of course for me I had no internet until the tuesday and it was a pain in the ### to get it working again!!!

Also if you are thinking about getting telus high speed enhanced dont do it!! My shaw cable internet was way way faster, more reliable and cheaper than telus!!! Telus enhanced internet is not enhanced!! It sucks!!! I have never had more problems with my internet than I have with telus!!

Telus cust service is horrible!! I work for a cell phone company and could not believe how I was treated with telus. First of all the technical support dept can't even speak english!! I am sorry but when I need help with my internet I would really appreciate it if I could understand what the rep is asking me to do!!! Also one time when I contacted telus tech support the rep was very unprofessional and treated me like I was stupid!! He was talking down to me and then after we got my internet working he then asked me "was there anything else I can do for you??? Would you like me to sing you a song???" I was soooooo shocked that he just said that to me. I didn't even know what to say. I have now learned to get the names and rep id's from every rep I talk to so then if I have a problem then at least I can try and do something about it!!! I could never imagine talking to a customer that way. I deal with customers every day on the phone for a cell phone company adn could never imagine doing or saying that. I always treat people as I would like to be treated when I call in to companies!! Telus is a disgrace!!!

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  • N
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    your a knob, you knew and understood what you where getting into, you said you had them once and that that suck so you changed. your a ### for wanting to save $400. im glad you got burnt you stupid hick

  • Da
      7th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    i have had the exact same problem as you in almost every way, other then it was my first time getting internet and my girlfreind at the time wanted the free laptop that came with signing up. i've had the cust reps bounce my call between like 12 diferent reps and each one just ask for my info and sent me off agian to another one each one being as incompotant as the last until i final asked for a manager. the first time i asked for a manager i was hung up on and the second time i had the manager listen to my problems then tell me he was going to call me back the same day once he had figured out the porblem ony why my internet had yet to be set back up after the billing miss haps. i have never to this day got a call back from that manager. my bill was over 200$ that they had been sending to an email adress that i didnt know excisted. no idea how to enter it and no password for it. and then i was told that i would only have to pay a portion of the bill the get my internet back. and the told by the next rep that i would have to pay it all to get it back. all in all i work to a retail company that sells telus phone and internet packages and i will never for as long as i live sell a customer a telus package.

  • So
      18th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    i am glad i finally found a place i can show my anger with that company. horrible terrible company with no "customer service" mind AT ALL!!! i have never dealt with such comapny in my entire life!!! it's 21C, not 1950s!! why in the world you should exisit in the society, Telus. please TELL US, if you can, and please learn how to add value to the society from others.

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