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Telus / scam and cheating

1 United States
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My problems with telus high speed internet started right from the day I signed up. First, they had to call me back because they didn't get all the information they needed. Next, they took a month to even send the gateway to me.

Everything went reasonably well until summer 2007 when I had been laid off and fell behind on payments. The line had been suspended, but when I did pay them off, it took almost a month to reconnect the line, and the agents at one point told me they may need to send a truck out to either my home or to the node to troubleshoot. This was too much.

I escalated to executive customer relations, where the agent was extremely courteous and got the connection active within a couple days and gave a free month of service to make up for the month I was disconnected and had paid for.

I later made another call, this time to retention, because I was going to be moving outside of their service area. They agreed to waive the cancellation fee, given there was no way that I would be able to take the service up when I moved anyway.

At one point the modem I had received randomly power cycle itself (So basically self-reboot). They got the new modem to me almost the very next day and I returned the one I had, no charges to the account. Same when the second went on the fritz. When the third started acting up, they sent me a fourth and I had forgotten to send the third back. They did charge for this, but I was told that the charge would be reversed if I sent it in as soon as possible. I ended up sending it and the fourth back at the same time and now about a year later, I still haven't been able to get them to reverse the charge, with people stating that they need the tracking number, a requirement that was never there when I returned the first two gateways.

I then went to the better business bureau, where telus showed me, as they had a couple times in the past that stonewalling seems to be the tactic of choice in their customer care departments, both regular and executive customer relations. Not only did they refuse to action something that should have been done nearly a year ago, they tried saying that they should add the ecf, flying in the face of the deal made with retention.

Telus has made it poignantly clear that they would rather look out for the almighty dollar than for customers repeatedly given misleading information, repeatedly stonewalled when issues arose and being told that the retention offer that was given would be revoked after the fact, showing a further disregard for customer satisfaction. On top of that, it would appear that this is universal across telus' different services.


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