Telkom SA SOC / waiting 6 weeks for adsl installation

Vryheid, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
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I applied 6 weeks go for a ADSL special that ran in April 2017. Did the application, finalized the paperwork, and a date was given for installation. This date came and went. When I phoned Telkom on 10210, I was told that there was a problem with the ADSL hub in our area to be fixed. Then I was given a reference number (160511221A) installation date of the following Tuesday, 18 April. Again this date came and went without installation. We found another number [protected] which we phoned, but we got the run around again and no real answers as to why appointments weren't kept. Then I was scheduled for installation again 25 April which was just a repeat of the previous week's - no installation.

On Friday, 28th someone else phoned to schedule yet another appointment for 2 May, which we were told will definitely happen. It was the escalated and I was given another reference number (979945).
When we asked why it wasn't done before, we were told that the problem with the ADSL hub ad been finally fixed on 26 April so they can schedule installation.

Then this morning (4/5/2047) someone from Telkom phoned to reschedule appointment for next week again and when he got upset out another postponement, she told my husband that he never answers his phone when technicians phone him and they're getting tired of him. At this point his blood was boiling and he put the phone down. Because of the nature of my husband's work, his phone is always on, and there is no record in the call logs from the technician we were given the number for. No respect for clients and once installation was done!!!

When I phoned on 4 May 2017, I was told that the matter has been escalated and installation will be done on 5 May 2017. When I phoned again today to enquire why installation was not done, I flipped my lid as the callcentre agents are incompetent in giving through the correct information. I was told that the matter was now with the operations manager.

I demanded to be put through to his office as no one gets back to me with any feedback. After holding another 15 minutes, I was put through to Michael, who I was told is the operations manager. He then told me that a manager will be going out tomorrow morning (6/5/2017) to check if the work was completed on the ADSL hub from 3 weeks ago. He also said that the installation can't be done without this manager signing off that the lines are now working as they should. By now he sounded like he was reading off a preset script...

I asked him why didn't the call centre guys have this relevant information, which would go a long way to helping customers correctly, he told me that if they log into a customers profile, the just look at the first info re dates and assume that it's right. i the told him that the staff needs to be retrained then as they don't seem to know what they're doing!!

I have given Michael my office and personal cell number to inform me tomorrow about the findings and to schedule yet another installation. Lets see if he holds to his promise.

May 5, 2017

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