Telkom SA SOC / unlimited internet - failure to respond to complaint lodged

Pretoria, South Africa

To whom it may concern,

On the 11th of May 2017, I visited the Telkom Irene Mall branch after reviewing a special Telkom had, on a flyer.

The special said R899 per month, unlimited internet, 100mb/s including 5500Gig free movie streaming per month.

The consultant who assisted me went by the name of Bryan (who is now at the Menlyn branch in Pretoria). Bryan explained to me what the package consisted of and went online into the Telkom platform which showed the area in which I stayed LTE coverage for the product. The coverage concluded a rating of 92%.

My address: Harbor Road 126, Leusire Bay Estate, Erasmuspark, Pretoria.

On the 11th I completed all forms and on the 12th of May 2017, I visited the branch to pick up the router.

When I returned home I installed the router. With limited knowledge, I noticed the download speed was very slow. On the 13th I download an internet speed tester app which showed:

Download: 3.29Mbps

Later during the evening, the tester showed: Download: 0.24Mbps.

On the 14th I contacted Bryan via WhatsApp and informed him it was unacceptable and provided screenshots confirming my complaint (attached herein).

Bryan asked me to perform another speed test the evening at 20:00 which I did but the speed remained the same.

The following day I took the router back to the branch and met with Bryan who performed a test to see whether the device was working correctly (which it did).

I asked Bryan if they don't perhaps have a sort of signal booster. Bryan informed me they use to give a signal booster with the package but the boosters were finished. When asked how much such a booster will cost, Bryan informed me R2000.00. I was not happy with his reply and asked him to have a look for a booster because why should I pay for one if it is in actual fact part of the package.

After Bryan spoke with his manager, and another person by phone, Bryan went to the store in the rear of the branch and picked a booster. The booster was eventually given to me free of charge. However, the booster did not work when I returned home.

After several other attempts contacting Bryan for assistance as the internet even went off completely, Bryan informed me he submitted the issues to their complaints department - this was not the case.

Since June 2017, not one debit order went off my personal account. Even when I queried this, I had no response from Telkom.

On the 10th of August 2017, my fiance went to the branch at Irene and explained to them the internet was not working at all. The lady then informed my fiance the package I signed up for in a legal document did not exist anymore and was only 50Gig a month. My fiance was furious as we were not informed and it is in breach of contract, not to mention fraud.

The lady then lodged a complaint and informed my fiance she would receive a response within 7 working days. On Monday the 11th of September 2017 my fiance returned to Irene Mall, Telkom branch, to inquire why she has not received a reply from Telkom. My fiance was informed "we don't know why" and the lady lodged a second complaint onto the Telkom system. But, the lady then informed my fiance, Telkom sent a reply to the SIM card inside the router (my fiance queried this and asked how it was possible for someone to know if Telkom sent it to the router SIM) - no response.

Since Friday the 8th of September 2017 the internet has been off. Now Telkom says the account is in arrears, but when asked why we have not received any invoice or notice, or a response to two complaints. No response.

It is clear the contract I signed with Telkom was under false pretensions, fraudulent and the special already stopped - that is why they didn't want to initially give me a booster, but rather have me pay R2000.00 for a free item.

Telkom should be sued and with your assistance, I will gladly appreciate your support regarding this matter to the fullest extent.


Ghane Gordon

Telkom SA SOC
Telkom SA SOC
Telkom SA SOC
Telkom SA SOC
Telkom SA SOC
Telkom SA SOC
Telkom SA SOC

Sep 14, 2017

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