Telkom SA SOCunauthorised debit taken from my bank account

I initially signed up and had a fibre internet line installed in October 2016. I was of the understanding that this new line would be linked to my existing 3G account, and did not set up a debit order. At the beginning of December I received my Telkom invoice, with a new separate account ([protected]), in excess of R3200.00, with a demand that the outstanding balance of R1962.80 be paid immediately. I inquired at my local Telkom shop, who advised that I could pay via credit card, which I did at the beginning of December 2016, along with setting up a debit order for the following months payment.

The invoice also contained a note that my direct debit limit is R2000.00, and that that amount would be taken on 3 January 2016. This debit was taken from my bank account after I had made the payment via credit card!

I telephoned the Telkom accounts department on the 5th of January 2017, to be advised that the credit card payment did reflect on my account, and that they could not stop the debit payment that was taken on the 3rd of January 2017. I was not offered an apology, but was told that my account was in credit by about R760.00, and that no further payments needed to be taken on my account.

This evening (9 January 2017), a further R2000.00 was taken from my account, without the need for doing so.

I will be contacting my bank first thing tomorrow morning to have this debit reversed, and will be cancelling the debit order on my account, and will be paying via EFT in future.

Jan 09, 2017

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