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I have been battling for 18 months to cancel a month to month contract with Telkom. I have spent countless hours calling their call center and going through to branches with no assistance to rectify this matter.

When my mobile 2 year contract came of age I moved it to prepaid. A few weeks a later a received a call from a tele agent who offer a month to month contract bundle. Some months later I call for cancelation but they said I'm currently in a two year contract. I have asked for proof where I have agreed to this but they cannot provide anything.

Telkom service is utterly useless, nobody take ownership.
This is now the 37th email, I have spoken to countless telkom personal and emailed them these correspondence but will blatantly ignore your email and will not communicate with you.
Just see all my emails all these Telkom representatives and not one of them will communicate and sort this problem out.

I don't know what to do next, my credit rating is been poorly affected by this matter.
This is a CRISIS!

Nov 26, 2018

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