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In september 2016, I purchased the telkom uncapped lte package, as the copper cabling in our area is very poor, and it will be at least another eighteen months before we get fibre.
The advertised speed on lte is up to 150 mb per second. I don't expect that, and would be happy with the 15 mb we occasionally get, but often my 1 mb mweb connection is faster and more reliable.
When I called telkom about this problem, the advise me that my poytning antenna was meant to be installed by the telkom technicians. The lady then gave me the email address: [protected]@telkom.Co, za. They have repeatedly ignored my emails.
I then called 081180, and the lady gave me the number [protected], and told me to call them direct, which I did. The lady who answered the phone was most upset that his number had been given out, and said she was going to report the person who gave out this number. She promised to call me back on my call number. Unsurprisingly, she never did.
In all my years with telkom, this is the worst service I have ever received. Telkom have improved their service levels dramatically over the last ten or so years. However, this lack of service, especially on, what is for me, an essential service, is appalling.
I attach a receive and read receipt to all three emails I sent to hso, and they come back immediately with the message: delivery to these recipients or groups is complete, but no delivery notification was sent by the destination server:
I think it needless to add that I do not receive a read receipt either.
I thank you for your consideration and trust you will resolve this matter.

Jan 11, 2017

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