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I had my contract for about 6 months and decided I needed more data. Went in store (worse then a visit to a dentist) and managed to upgrade my contract, As per T&Cs it should have been free as you can migrate contract to a more expensive one free of charge but a downwards migration incurs a penalty. Lo and behold my invoice arrives the next month and I have been charged a penalty fee by Telkom. When I query it I am told that it is a migration penalty. Lose the will to live after arguing endlessly with someone who came across as about interested in working for Telkom as I am about visiting aforementioned Dentist. I gave up. The next month yet another penalty. Query this and I am told that it is a device penalty for receiving a new device. I try and explain to the call handler that I did not receive a second device my contract was merely a migration to get more data. NOTHING! I went into store to complain and yet again nothing. Months passed and every month the same thing complaint after complaint and nothing resolved. I then applied to cancel my contract, The consultant phoned me eventually and I went through the whole procedure. I asked if there was any penalties and was told then monthly penalty was because my contract had been terminated when I applied for my migration and I had been put on a pay monthly deal. I asked if there were any further penalties. At the beginning of May I then receive a bill for early cancellation. I query it and have asked for the recordings as the agent lied to me. This has been going on with the only feedback received on a daily basis of "we are looking into it". Telkom then happily take the money out of my account despite the query. all I want is a refund and to be rid of this incompetent organisation, with its poorly trained and inept staff.

May 15, 2017

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