Telkom SA SOCtelkom landlines not installed after 6 months

We have been struggling for more than 6 months to get the 5 lines as per our service contract to be installed. We have a company to run and we are 6 people in the office that has to work off one line currently. the sales consultant Thabo Legodi has repeatedly ignored emails and queries sent through and he also does not take my calls any more. We have a problem as we are losing business with incoming calls not reaching us as we have only one line, sales staff at the premises have to take turns as we only have one line. This is breach of contract from telkom not providing the equipment and service that we signed for and agreed upon.
Please initiate the cancellation of our agreement with immediate effect.
Kind regards
Mystic Blue trading 228 (Pty) LTD

May 12, 2017

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