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On October 2016 one of the Telkom Telesales reps called ME. Promising to give me a 4MB line with a very nice "New"router. With this promise I asked him two things. If you cannot deliver on the speed, may I go back to 2MB line without any hassle and I was on month to month without a contract, will this be the same? He's replay was defiantly you will get 4MB/s without hassle and its the same as you have now.
Anyway the service was only activated end November 2016 and I never received a router up to this day!!! Writing email on email even going to Menlyn Telkom Shop and twice to Centurion Shop they told me to go back to the Telesales person to sort it out??

I ran continues ADSL speed test and discovered that I only get at best 2.9MB.s. Have proof of that. The mean value is 2.5MB/s !!! only after stop paying and a few emails with cancellation forms and ID attachment I finally got my 2MB line back in 2017-03-01 and I discovered that they put me on a 2 year contract? and the line was actually of for more than a week!
Now it seems like the account system is screwed up and is still charging for 4MB line so then I decided to cancel my ADSL and get an LTE line. Telkom can't even tell me what order is what? giving me different ref numbers. The telkom website is giving me 3x ref numbers that are completely different from 10210 numbers and they said they will call back, but as the previous times they DO NOT !
So my complaint is, every time I have to us my cellphone cause I must work and only have my personal phone and have to wait hours to talk to someone and in the end spending a lot of money an my cell.
The long months fixing the issue with me pushing it to every corner cause they just don't care about your problems.

And now again I must chase my order and the Telkom haven't got a glue what is going on. It seems like the one person is as incompetent as the next and just don't care cause they are the government and no one will tell them to do there work as we pay them to do it.

Mar 23, 2017

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