Telkom SA SOCpost account cancellation charges levied and refund not initiated

Date of incident - 2016/09/05
Client number - [protected]

Full description -
I visited telkom outlet in oldmutual pinelands cape town 7405 on 2016/09/05 and submitted cancellation request (Filled form for same) , it was committed that account will be cancelled in 30 days i. E. 2016/10/05, I visited on 2016/09/26 to ensure that my request was taken care off as I knew that service quality is not that great. It was confirmed by manager there and was assured not to worry, I was also told there isnt any outstanding and we will refund your security as well but for that you might need to initiate.

Now after 4 months of cancellation, I am getting email / invoices showing my account is active and being used, but when I am not staying in that location and not using these services since 2016/09/28 how can you charge me post cancellation also. I have requested them to cancel and rollback all charges plus refund my deposit.

Desirable resolution - close my account, rollback charges when not used the services and refund my deposit.

This is such a big organization but really not customer centric and this is something regular with them..

Please suggest and help if you can.

Have attached cancellation request submission form.

Telkom SA SOC

Jan 16, 2017

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