Telkom SA SOCpathetic customer service

From october last year I have been dealing with absolutely pathetic service from telkom. Even though I had asked for a limit to be put on my lines, this was not done and I have been paying almost double of my monthly fees. Then telkom decided to start debiting me an additional r2000.00 every month. When I called into the call centre I was transferred from department to department with no success, eventually when I got through to a consultant she advised me that she was unable to assist and when I asked to speak to a manager she advised me that her manager was unable to assist also. This month my service has been "interrupted" and when I called in to query this I was told that I need to make a manual payment and my line would be re-instated within 48 hours. I made payment yesterday and until now nothing has been done. My lines are still not working. When I called into the call centre this morning I was told that it would take 7 working days for the payment to reflect, this is absolute ####. It seems as if every time I call into the call centre I am giving conflicting information. It’s either that the consultants have no sense of understanding or telkom just doesn’t give a #### about their members. Their consultants are rude and arrogant and lack the basic telephone etiquette skills that they need. I have been pulling my hair out with telkom and although they off good deals their service is pathetic. I am sick and tired of being sent from pillar to post with this #### service. I have 3 contracts with telkom and I am literally counting down the days till this contract ends so that I can move. I would rather pay more at another service provider but get better service. Please can someone with a brain, a sense of logic and an ounce of integrity call me to resolve my query?

Jan 24, 2017

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