Telkom SA SOCovercharge on invoices for 3 months - telkom mobile - account no.: [protected]

I have been billed for extra data usage each month for 3 months (October / November / December 2018) even though I have the spend limit set at 0 (zero). It's not difficult to understand that that means Telkom should respect my wishes and not bill me for additional data as I do NOT/did NOT ever require any additional data than what my contract is for (10gb anytime data). I can't even understand the logic behind them charging me extra as when the 10gb is used up, the modem does not work as the data runs out. It does not work after that, so where is this Data being used because it is NOT me.

October 2018 invoice no. [protected], I was charged R500 extra for Data.

November 2018 invoice no. [protected], I was charged R200 extra for Data.

December 2018 invoice no. TBA, it shows on Telkom website amount owing 31 December as R340.88 which means again i will be charged R200 extra for Data when the debit goes off.

This same issue has happened to me twice before with Telkom and I was credited for the additional data. I think that was towards the end of 2017/beginning of 2018. How is it that the same thing happens 3 times again to me? It is useless calling to speak to anyone at Telkom as it takes too long to hold for someone to help and when I did speak to someone, the person told me they are unable to verify when a limit was set up on their website. How ridiculous and unhelpful that is! Telkom has the wonderful website where one can create disputes, problem is no-one is bothered to respond as I have yet to get this dispute investigated/resolved. One can set limits, but yet I have been cgharged for extra data even with limit set at 0(zero). Mind boggling to say the least!

I was so angry the 1st month, my account was debited promptly for R640.88. It is a very excessive amount for something that is not included in my budget of course. I reversed the debit at my bank at my expense, logged the dispute and as mentioned no response to this date. Then my account was debited on the 15 November 2018 for both R640.88 + R340.88 which is not even my debit date.

I want an immediate refund, I do NOT want it merely as a credit to my account as I am personally short now with all the extra money that Telkom has robbed me off. I also want this account cancelled with immediate effect. I cannot continue to deal with a company whose business ethics are of such low standard. I know for a fact that I am not the only person who has had this problem with Telkom, I have spoken to a few people with the exact same problem. One or 2 have given up on getting the money back. I will not be one of those people as I work extremely hard for my money and I will not let Telkom rob me ever again.

I will find out where to escalate this matter if the refund is not treated with top priority and issued to me.

Dec 04, 2018

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