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Nelspruit, South Africa

16/11 /2016
ME:Good morning, I have a problem with my wi fi modem at home, there is no coverage, send already 3 complaints but did not receive any feedback yet, Sindiso the agent also do not help at all, just told me to cancel the contract, and that I don't want to do

TELKOM :Hi, sorry for the delay & any frustrations caused, what seems to be the problem? how can we help? please PM the affected number & brief description of your query so our team may assist ^JD

ME:Hi, I applied for the WI fi modem, your rep Sindiso told me and my colleagues that the whole of Nelspruit area is covered. This is not the case, I stay in Claremont and have no coverage at home. Nr [protected]. I have used some of the data but that was in town when I have the modem with me, I really want to have the coverage at home also for my wife to use it

My other problem is that Sindiso don't give a dam, in the beginning he assist me very nicely but when this problem was reported to him he just told me to cancel the contract, like I said before I don't want to cancel this contract, I believe that there is a lot of people who would like to have this product of yours, please give me good news.

Hi Wallie, we are sorry for the inconvenience, unfortunately if there is no coverage in your area we can't give you good news. You will only be able to use the service in the areas that are covered. Did you not check if there is coverage in your area before you bought the service? ^ML

Hi according to the map there is coverage. And Sindiso also confirmed it. On the dirt road on my way home I have coverage till I turn of to my house, then I lost coverage, that is about 700 meters from the main dirt road. I'm sure something can be done.

Hi wallie, we will get our technical team to investigate and provide you with a solution.^HP

17/11 /2016
Good morning, thanks appreciated

Hi, kindly provide us with the following on the below for assistance:

LTE number, ID number
Contact number, Alternative
contact number, Physical address
and the name of the Device used. ^MT2

Hi, as requested LTE [protected], ID [protected], Contact [protected], ALt contact Elna [protected], plot 40 Claremont, on the Claremont road C19, go straight when you turn in on the road, keep left, Huawei Model B315s-936

Hi, thank you for the details, our mobile team will be in touch. ^MB

Thanks, HTTPs://

Hi Wallie. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will get our team to follow up on this query for you. Thank you.^ID

I m waiting for them

Good day Wallie

Please be advised this is an update on your query, we would firstly like to apologise for the inconvenience caused, kindly note we have escalated your query to our technical team to assist and provide feedback accordingly.^BP

18/11 /2016
Hi an update from my side, nothing is happening????

21/11 /2016
Good morning, as I expected, promises promises, like all big companies, since our last conversation I did not hear from any body yet. What is would like to know is how is it possible that from Hazyview up to Thulamahase police station and up to Alzu-Petroport towards Malelane I get coverage but at nelspruit just out of town there is no coverage

Hi Wallie we have logged your request with our mobile team to investigate the signal issue, please accept our apologies for the inconvenienced.^BD

22/11 /2016
Hi, I still haven't heard anything from any body, do I have to go higher to get the solved.

Hi Wallie

As per previous communication, a query has been logged with TM, they should contact you as soon as they attend it. ^TS

Thanks is there any reference Nr

Hi, Your reference number is AI2629186 ^CC

Thank you

23/11 /2016
Good morning, I still haven't heard anything from your Technical team, and please make sure that only payment for data used

Hi Willie, we humbly do apologize for the delay. Please kindly note that your query has been sent to our mobile team feedback will be provided. ^LKE

Good day Wallie

Please be advised this is an update on your query, we would firstly like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused, kindly note we have escalated your query to our technical team to assist and provide feedback accordingly.^BP

24/11 /2016
Hi, I really think that you don't have a technical team, we'll at least not in nelspruit, or maybe you should check if there phones are working. I need a contact number or mail address of one of your superior management so that I can talk to them because on this lower level of communication I don get anywhere. Only excuses and apology, I can't go on like this. I'm trying to solve this issue on a proper manner.

Hi Wallie, we do apologise for the delay, we are aware of your query and will have our team advise at the soonest. ^RI

Again apologies when is this going to stop and the problem been solved?

26/11 /2016
Hi Wallie, please note that our network tried to call on the 22/11/2016 but you were not reachable.Please provide alternative contact.^MD

Hi, that might be possible, keep in mind that I am working, have to attend meetings, so leave a message or call again. I can't believe that only one call is made and then you decided that I'm not reachable, unexpected, try again

HI, case [protected] is still with our field tech, they will make contact with you again. ^JM


Hi Wallie, you welcome.^TM

30/11 /2016
Hi, since our last conversation on Saturday I did not hear anything from you technical team, what is going on

Hi, your query was escalated to the relevant section, they will be in contact with you. ^RY

Hi, I will not be paying anything this month on my contract unless this problem is resolved

Hi Wallie, we have escalated your complaint to our floor manager for urgent attention.^HP

Thanks, so another week is going to pass before I hear from him

Hi.Kindly know that our technical team they tried to contact you but you were unreachable, please kindly provide us with another contact details.^ST

Bull [censor] don't talk crap to me I'm always in possession of my phone


Let me tell you NOW if this matter is not resolved by Sunday afternoon, I will be going to the newspaper on the consumer counsel, I was brought under the wrong impression of one of yours employees, and I'm sure that he has not been trained in the the consume act, so sort this, this weekend, a lady who is working with me got a call today, two weeks after my first complaint, she also believed Sindiso and she have the same complaint, I available the whole weekend at my house

Hi, Kindly be advised that case [protected] is in hand with our technical team for further assistance and feedback will follow.^IL

Thanks, this case has been issued on 26/11 /2016 already, what happened to the case that was issued on 22/11 /2016?

Hi Wallie, we will investigate and get back to you with feedback. ^ML


Jun 25, 2017

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