Telkom SA SOCno customer service / cancellation of line

The problem started as i recently moved to middelburg from pta. I was told that a technician will come to my new residence in middelburg and install the line. You are not given a time when the technician shall come but rather an sms is sent that one must be available from 7:30 - 16:00.

After all said and done the technician did come and did a really good job. I was rather glad and thought to let " sleeping dogs lie" but this was just the start of my real woes.

On monday (3 days) after the installation we get a call from someone who wanted to speak to a mr pienaar, my wife said that was a wrong number. That same night our line was discontinued and when i phoned to find out what had happened (Reason for cancelling / discontinuing) the line. I was told the line belonged to mr pienaar. Since then i have phoned numerous times and till today was told that the line is in my name and all is fine now. I don't know what to do when people working at telkom keeping on feeding you "lies". One says it was a computer error, another one says now the matter has being escalated. Today (06/02/2017) i was told all is fine now, you are transferred from one department to another (Technical, faults, sales) with no resolution from any department.

I must say they are so busy that you have to hold on till you literally go deaf listening to the music. I have spent days and hours on the phone and am at loss as what to do now.

They are quick to ask you to rate their services, well from my side is a big fat

The technician can't be blamed she did what she had to but the sales department are useless and those incompetent must be fired.

I need to be able to use the phone again. (Is that too much to ask).

Feb 06, 2017

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