Telkom SA SOCdata usage

I am incredibly angry.
For years we had an ADSL line which worked perfectly. Then in December 2016 we started having problems connecting to the internet. Technicians came out and told us the line was faulty and could not be repaired. So I proceeded to joiun up to LTE on number [protected]
I purchased 50GB prepaid data for R 1799.00 in the latter part of January 2017
At the beginning of April 2017 I received a message that I was OUT OF BUNDLE
That is absolutely ludicrous as I only use the internet for emails, banking and an occasional Facebook update.
You have robbed me blind. I want you to prove to me that I managed to use 50GB of data in 2 months.
I have no children and it is only my husband and myself using my computer. He uses it almost never as he has his own internet in his office which is on the same property.
I have no reason to use it extensively as I have an unlimited contract on my personal cellphone

Apr 28, 2017

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