Telkom SA SOCdata bundle

I purchased a package for 100Gb +100Gb data (R999/m) on the 3rd of January 2017.
The speed advertised on the box is 220mbs, the LTE signal in the area is supposed to deliver 49mbs, I constantly run on 10mbs.
This is not my main problem; I can live with the speed, although you lied to me. My issues are that when I have a constant feed, I keep getting disconnected, and on non SA servers I have a very bad Lag and latency. We use this line and a Telkom adsl line through mweb on [protected]. The line is run from home where I have my business as well.
I lodge a fault report on the 16th of January, and now three weeks later Telkom has done nothing, but they expect me to pay the full amount.
I have phoned and lodged so many times, to follow up and complain, but can never get a further reference number, except for the original number [protected]. When I phone Telkom, I wil get send from one line to another, no one helping me!
When I try to use the Telkom app for the complaints it never works.

WHAT must I do???

My next option is to cancel the contract, and I will not follow you procedure of cancelation I will just stop any debit orders, and then you can take it further.

Feb 06, 2017

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