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Since 2017 I have tried to cancel my Telkom services which are an ADSL line and Phone line, First I tried the customer portal on the Telkom website, first time I went through the whole exercise but the system would always crash before one could press the send button. I tried on numerous different computers, with different browsers and always the same result.

Next step was to phone Telkom and no matter what time I would phone after holding for 69+ minutes it was clear this was also a useless avenue, this was followed by a visit to the Telkom store in Cresta shopping center and again no help the reply: We can't do it, you must do it online"

I eventually started sending customer service call me request - to that not one call back. This was followed by emails to their customer service to please cancel my services, it was met with no response.

The last resort: I disconnected the service and stopped paying for 2 years I heard nothing no emails, no invoices, no communications but this year Telkom roared back with a demand for payment for 2 years worth of services that I clearly did not use, that I tried to stop - So what to do? Pay and once again return to Groundhog Day?

It seems it is impossible to cancel Telkom services and that one will be stuck with this parasitic business practice til the end of days - SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!

Account number: [protected]

Feb 08, 2019
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  • Ba
      Feb 27, 2019

    Good Day

    To whom it may concern

    Please find the following attached for your perusal :

    Cancellation Reference to have Telkom Services cancelled - Dated 21/09/2018

    Last Invoice received -
    Statement Date 10th December 2018
    Received via email 12th Jan 2019

    Copy of Letter of Demand dated 13/02/2019 - received via post 26/Feb 2019

    On receiving the invoice on the 12th Jan 2019 - I contacted telkom, gave cancellation reference and was informed that I should ignore the Bill as it was a system fault

    On the 27th @ approximately 08h20 I call 10210 and was informed that they unable to help me, as they having problems with the systems, i must kill the call and call again .
    Still trying to get through to them at 08h35, with no success :

    Can someone please attend and or advise as to how one gets this issue resolved,

    Who do you contact
    I sure that even if i decide to cut my losses as to get rid of Telkom and never ever do business with them, even if they were the only service provider in this country, I would most probably get another bill and letter of demand a few months later:
    Was unable to attach any documents, cancellation reference date 21/09/2018

    Thanking you in advance
    Basil Daries

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