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Cape Town, ZA
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I order the promo deal of R799 for an uncapped Adsl month to month. I opted for a self installation.

ISSUE/ PROBLEM: I do not have a 10mb uncapped ADSL line as there is a metallic inteference on my line. This has been established by YOUR technicians that the fault is with Telkom and some rewiring needs to be completed.

RESOLUTION: Get the technician (Alvin Singh) to come out rewire as he is supposed to so that I can get my 10mb line as was ordered.

This has been my process thus far:
21/02/2017- ordered promo deal of R799 uncapped adsl 10mb line. Month to month. Ordered from Telkom N1 city store (Order 157603482A)
27/02/2017 -called call centre they arranged that technician come out on 8 March 2017.
27/02/2017 - went to Telkom store N1 city spoke to Samier Khan he put on the system that it's a self installation and the line needs to be activated.
01/03/2017 - called Telkom again spoke to Sipho he tested the line he said that there's a fault. He logged the fault 442CWZ010317
06/03/2017- called your call centre again spoke to Ayabonga regarding the above fault. He puts on the system that technicians should come out on 07/03/2017 at 16:00.
07/03/2017 - no technicians arrive I call and speak to Brendan he says someone has been assigned but don't know when they will come.
08/03/2017 - Alvin Singh comes to my house to either install or resolve my ADSL. He did not configure my router/modem but ADSL signal showed active on router. He call me stating that my line is currently only running 6mb as here is a problem on the line and he will check it out he following day and provide me with feedback. My internet is working but not the correct line speed.
14/03/2016 - Telkom technicians come out again. They test the line hey say it's a fault between Telkom and my house. The technician who came initially should retire the cables to the end of the block. On their testing system it shows authentification failed.
15/03/2017 - Alvin Singh calls to say he will be coming to complete the job. He does not come
16/03/2017- I call Alvin Singh asking about when the matter will be resolved he says he is waiting on them to install wiring. I'm not sure whose job this is?. He says I have complimentary internet and he is waiting to get it resolved.
22/03/2017- I get my Telkom bill and no adsl has been charged.
23/03/2017 - I email the Telkom N1 City branch regarding the lack of completion of my order.
28/03/2017 - Log a complaint on Hellopeter. Still no word.

Mar 29, 2017

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