Telkom / data bundle contract

Port Edward, ZA

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Accounts Division
61 Oak Avenue

RE: Account No. [protected] Mr. A J Meiring

15 October 2017.

Dear Telkom I hereby wish to inform you that I have been unemployed since 30 October 2016, but I tried to pay the above account with my savings and credit card.
However since end of August 2017 I have not been able to pay the account and it was subsequently suspended by Telkom.
I then got a pay as u go sim from Shelly Centre office and used this sim until 26 September 2017 at 14H41 when my vehicle was broken into in brought daylight in the centre of town in Umthatha, I reported it to the Saps and the following was stolen.

Report details
Case No. Cas 304/9/2017 Madeira Police Station Umthatha.
Investigating officer Capt. M. Booi Tel [protected].

Stolen items
Samsung laptop in black carry case. Huawei Router Ser. No G5JK14104000142 and 3 x memory sticks. Eskom and personal documents.

Access was gained by breaking the passenger door lock.

I wish to know why Telkom was charging me an extra R139 from May 2017 without my consent.
You also failed to send me any invoices or statements. I had to ask for these from your Shelly Beach offices.

As per my calculation my account balance should be August 2017 R199.00
September 2017 R199.00 But the account was suspended from September without any notification to me either by phone or e mail.
Thus all I should owe Telkom is R199.00. For August 2017.

I further request Telkom to cancel the contract on account No. [protected] as from 1 September 2017 as I no longer have the sim and the router was not on contract as it had been paid off in October 2016.

Please cancel this contract for data bundle and correct my account balance so I could make the final payment.

Thank You
Kind Regards

Dries Meiring
Box 38941
Port Edward 4295
Cell [protected]

Nov 27, 2017

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