Telkom / adsl router replacement

Bloemfontein, South Africa
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On Friday January the 13th - I complaint that me rooter where down and stood in a que at the telkom shop at College Crossing Bloemfontein to have my rooter replaced.

I needed to get a new rooter so that the technical team could come out and test me system.

I was told, sorry no stock - They will give me a call as soon as the rooter arrive.

Monday 16 January I got an sms - progress level at 25% on
Thursday - progress level at 50% then on Friday the 20th, went into tekom College Crossing, Bloemfontein's offices again - have not received stock as yet.

Technician phone same day - I said that he can not come out as I have not resolved the rooter issue...He cancels my ticket -

Question stated on sms is if issue is resolved? No ! but Are they going to bill me now if I get a technician out and the problem lies with the rooter?

So I leave the matter to get my rooter - Phone in Monday, they say stock should arrive, but I should rather phone in on Tuesday to confirm.

I phone in Wednesday - the 25th of Feb, 12 days without a rooter later - Now the shop tell me, still no stock, I should phone in on Friday, as stock arrives only Mondays and Fridays!

Would telkom like to be without internet for two weeks!

I get told that I will not have to pay for the time I am off. But I am paying, I am paying cellular charges to stay connected to the internet and not loose clients!

Come on! This is unacceptable!

  • Resolution statement

    Complaint incorrectly listed. The complaint is not against Noah's Advisory Services.
    My company's name is Noah's Advisory services.
    My complaint is against our National Telephone Supplier - Telkom. Not resolved as yet...

Jan 25, 2017

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