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I ordered dishes and vitamins online. The dishes arrived in a box that was broken open. There were no vitamins. I swept the dishes off my porch and contacted target to get the order replaced. They placed an order (replacement) that they said was "expedited". However it said it would not ship for 2 months! Not my defn of expedited. They made me submit and pay for another order. They would not process the refund until I returned the items. (I had no plans to bring a bucket of broken glass back but they couldn't understand that. ) I tried to have them cancel the replacement order but they couldn't. After 9 tries they were somehow able to cancel the order. Then they issued a refund for approx 32% of the total (no idea how they figured the amount). When I contacted them they refused to credit my account for the original amount. I was told "go to a store to get this resolved". I was told I was getting another refund for approx 63% of the total but that never arrived and I never got confirmation. I was told by several agents they didn't know how to fix this and this was the best they could do. Target STOLE my money. They sent me an order broken and missing items and refused to credit my account properly. I will NEVER shop at Target again and I will report them too.

Nov 23, 2016

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