Target Store / defective computer system

United States

I ordered three items related to car batteries (special jumper-cable type products that work through the cigarette lighter in the car or cars) back in early August. After several attempts to use them (one was solar-powered, and designed to keep a car battery from running out of juice when not in use), with little or no success--I finally started my car by rolling it down the hill!!--I decided to return the worthless products to the nearest Target store (as it said I could do when I ordered them), then shop for some other things that I might want.

My next bad experience was looking for a non-existent receipt. When I went back on-line, the web site said I had never ordered anything at all!! Luckily I still had the box, with my name and address and the return address, as well as the credit card bill with the charges from Target, so I decided to go to the store anyway.

When I arrived, they (naturally) said I would need a receipt, and we went to their store computer, which repeated my previous experience. Luckily, when I persisted (and since I had the box, the three items and my credit card bill) the clerk made a phone call to someone who was able to confirm the purchases and authorize her to refund the original cost, minus the shipping charges.

I asked if they were going to refund the shipping charges, since the items were clearly useless, and the person on the phone suggested that I go home and call Target. I absolutely refused, since at that point I would no longer have the items, there was no receipt, and no one could see my credit card bill over the phone or on line!!

At that point I asked for a supervisor, who spent almost thirty minutes on the phone to get my lousy $16 worth of shipping refunded. The supervisor, who was very nice and understood (and knew that the lack of a receipt was an ongoing problem) should have had the right to make the refund on the spot, without wasting any more of my time (or hers). I was there for nearly an hour at the counter to return three defective items, mainly because of Target's defective computer system compounded by their defective policies toward almost everyone!!!

I left the store without buying anything at all, and I can't really think of a reason ever to buy anything from Target Stores again, either on-line or in person.


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