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Target / employee treatment

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I can attest, after working there for 4 years, that Target Corporation cares nothing for it's employees. While they play big shot, donating this and that to different charitees, if an employee needs a living wage...or enough hours to live on, you get the shaft. Yet the management higherarchy at store level, which in my opinion, there are far too many of them at this store, loaf and get free meals. Which they stuff their faces infront of everyone else in the break room, that have to eat ramen soup just to survive on what they pay...or worse case senario has nothing to eat PERIOD. That aside...Where is the charitee to the backbone of the corporation? The people who make the store work, that if they weren't there, they wouldn't have a business.

Their ideas of simple thanks have to do with thank you cards for a job well done...Which may I add is just a ruse to curry favor among different castes of workers. Most of the time management compliments no one.

Will the employees of Target have a Happy Thanksgiving? Not very likely. Can you believe that they do not even give out a coupon for a free turkey or their unvalued empoyees.

Target...'Charitee begins at home'. Until you take care of your own all this FALSE caring that you push on the public won't even count.

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  • Im
      24th of Nov, 2008
    -2 Votes

    If you knew how to spell the word "charity", you would appear much less stupid.

  • St
      20th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    No employee has any guarantee of hours or employment at Target. When I left, every employee was only given less than 10 hours a week even as the store sales exceeded plan and we were promised more; most people were forced to apply for partial unemployment. If you ever work for Target, expect to have very very few hours from January until at least May every year. There were also several people who were fired in the most unethical ways I've ever seen. You can be fired at any time for any reason, and now that the economy is bad, they value employees even less.
    The money that the store allotted to provide occasional events with food for us was never once used for the employees. They also would not even provide water for us even after multiple meetings about these issues.
    After being promised certain days off for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we were all scheduled for those days anyway. We all worked on Thanksgiving- we weren't even given any food and were forced to stay hours longer than promised. People were even scheduled on Christmas day. I suppose the bottom line is that managers will say anything to appease the employees- but after years of working there, not a single manager ever followed through on any promise. I really tried to make important issues known to the managers, but even if you're obviously right and clearly intelligent, your voice will never be heard.
    After being hired I was told that the store was being shut down for remodeling and we would all be moved to different stores. I wasn't happy but I was prepared. Unfortunately the other stores in the area refused to take the employees from our store and over the course of almost a year we were all shuffled around, losing an extremely large percentage of our hours. We were promised by the GM that we would be reimbursed for gas because of the different stores that were inconvenient for all of us, but even after many follow ups trying to be paid, no one ever was. Also be careful about "punch corrections;" there was about a weeks worth of work that I will never be paid for because someone in an office somewhere didn't do the paperwork and future HR managers didn't believe that I wasn't paid. If you do a punch correction, there is no evidence that you worked at all and you can easily be taken advantage of.
    If you ever work for them, be prepared for hassles, disappointment, and the lowest quality treatment they can possibly get away with. The charitable veneer of Target is sadly such a sham. It really explains why so many people have customer service complaints.
    They definitely do not value your opinion at all unless you're a manager. Target even cut many people's pay, including mine, in a very shady way. What ever they do- you can't fight it. If you find out that they treat you badly, find a new job right away; it won't get better.

  • Ih
      20th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Ah yes the famous punch corrections..How many i have filled out, yet have not been paid for. I have no proof that i filled them out. Once they are handed in who knows what they do with them.

  • Ti
      4th of Sep, 2009
    -3 Votes

    Get a Mcjob and tell me they give you a free turkey.

  • Sa
      8th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Target is in for a rude awakening--------

  • Sa
      8th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    How is it that they-- can have ---- on thier Safety Checklist for equipment----- yet they fail to ---- have regard for--- in emergency situations?

  • Gl
      26th of Jan, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I have been working for Target for several years. I have a college degree and extensive management experience. Presently, I am a mid-level manager/ Team Lead. Several of the ETLs in our store are straight out of college and have little to no management experience. Preferably, Target seeks out these recent grads with bull-dog like personalities that they can "groom, " and individuals that are looking to move up quickly - no matter what the cost. The Target Leadership handbook stresses being a sincere, and meaningful leader and that "humble leadership must be earned." Instead, what they promote is bullying, and chiding criticism and general lack of respect for their employees.
    The job market is tough so many people stay at Target out of necessity. Once this changes, you will see a movement out by many employees whom are tired of the crappy treatment that Target overtly promotes.
    If you are seeking a professional career in management, where you will be treated as a professional, do not seek out employment with Target.

  • Di
      11th of Feb, 2010
    Best Best Advice +5 Votes

    I agree with you of my ETLs at the store I work at for no reason switched me from the store presentation department to the lowest level at the store, Overnight Unload/Push. I was told it was because i had a few mistakes on the store's revisions, and that i had many absences, I had to correct the ETL when i told him that I only had 2 absences and both of those absences had notes from my doctor. Also, my former Team leader had assured me prior to this that i was doing a great job and that i had progressed faster than others...then i suffered a panic attack at work, and they percieved that as me walking out on my job. I was coached for this by the then overnight remodel ETL (who was later fired) and told to start being a team player and to be more effective, and with that i thought i was okay. Yet, one week later i learned that i was demoted, but i did not know about this until almost two months later. I was told that they did not fire me due to the lone fact that i was past my 90 days...Now i am working at a position that i was not 100% trained for, and now i am threatened termination because of some mistakes i did and my slowness rate...Target is not the fast, fun friendly place it claims to soon as i can get another job i am leaving...I don't recommend working there for anyone

  • Lz
      15th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hi i have been working with Target for exactly 3 years now. It was a brand new target i got hired at mass hiring and stayed with them. I was loving my job in the back room as a day-side puller, worked Monday-Friday. After about a year or so my hours were getting cut but i didn't really care since it wasn't just me and it was a vast majority of the team members, but then i noticed that none of the team leads hours would get cut. I thought to myself i don't know about other stores but at this store majority of the team leads don't do anything and just stand around and chatter all day. When something goes wrong everything is blamed at team members for that department. Which i think its BS but i needed the job at that moment so i kept my comments to myself. About 2 years into working at target i decided to switch over to the flow team to take advantage of the hours. In which it worked out great for me since i found another job i can go to target early in the morning get off and go to my next job. Everything was great i was tired a lot due to the amount of hours i was working but it was great. about 3months ago our team lead for the flow team put her 2 weeks in because she was getting fed up with the BS they were giving her and at the same time our Logistics ETL also put in his notice. When we got the new team lead and ETL in which they have no experience with target all hell broke loose. We would rarely beat our unload goal. As for me they made me scan the trailers which i didn't want to but just decided to do so since she is my supervisor and what can i do about it. during our monthly chat session with the STL and the ETL-HR we would complain on how things are running and how unhappy we were. its been 3 months with the same complaints and nothing has change. Why is that the only thing I can think of is they simply don't care what the employees think as long as the work is done. About a week ago I got written up for the first time in 3 years. I over slept and came to work late once and now I'm on corrective action, once in 3 years, I asked why am I being written up and not the others. The new ETL told me because now there going to start writing everybody up for there actions. I replied “Ok what ever!” and sign the papers. 3 days later I get called into the office and was told that this is a coaching and not a write up this time. I wasn't late I didn't have a negative attitude I come to work I do my job what am I getting coached for I asked. And I don't know how some of the other target's flow team unload there trailers but if this is wrong or right please let me know. I was told that because I was the scanner for the trucks that it was my duty to tell the unloaders and the team members on the line that they need to stop talking and get to work or that there not working fast enough. …... my mind went blank excuse me I said isn't that a team leads jobs. If it isn't then why do we even have a team lead. At the moment I work at target 3 days a week bout 4 to 7hrs per day as a part-time. And was told if I don't start telling the team members that there not working fast enough I will get written up for it. Now is that how other targets work because I am very confuse. Today I gave my 2 week notice to them I'm just tired of dealing with the stress from here. And to be honest that's not even half the stuff that's going on at our target. Please let me know if you think this is right or wrong

    Michael Moore

  • Ca
      26th of Mar, 2010
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    I work for Target at one of the distribution centers.I have been in my position for almost 4 years. I have been through 4 group leaders(they switch them out after 16 months or so). The first one that I was under really had issues with me.That person went so far as to call me a bully, accuse me of intimidating others and run daily rtps then ask me why I had downtime of 10 minutes here, 8 minutes there etc. I was literally bullied by this person, but nothing I could do.I was afraid of losing my job.The company has NOW put this particular group leader into HR ! We as employees are supposed to be able to go to HR with our concerns etc. I cannot due to the fact that this person is now in that department. How is that not a conflict of interest? When I started at target they had employee handbooks available in the breakroom for us to review( they did not give them to us to keep) they now have those books locked up in a cabinet upstairs in the offices. We get "flexed" to other departments without being trained, I have brought this to group leaders attention and still get sent out. You name it, it is happening . I am so stressed out that I literally get sick in the morning before I go to work but I need the job right now . Now I am being threatened with corrective action as a no call no show for not coming in on an assigned mandatory overtime day and I had vacation prescheduled which is supposed to exclude you from working o.t.What the heck do I do?

    Cannot sign my name big brother watches everything

  • Fr
      30th of Apr, 2010
    +2 Votes

    The Target store in Daphne is run by a woman who smiles like shes the happiest person on earth, when in actuallity she has fired almost everyone in the store because she can and replaced them with whoever her and her other executives feel don't know whats going on in the store. Yet the so called HR young adultress is sleeping with the other male married executive, which is against company policy, but thats ok they are the bosses and can get away with breaking the company rules. Just fire whoever goes above them . Then theres this no retalilation if u turn in to corporate office any wrongdoing. Wrong . You will be harassed until these executives make you quit or fired if that doesnt work. Come on Target whats going on in your Daphne, Ala. store. These team members were the happiest group of team members until Ms. Tammie and Ms. Desiree came into the store and caused all the hardship on everyone they could, while they just smiled and made the big salaries. How many lawsuits are pending because of the decisions these so called Target exectutives have enforced on the team members of this ridiculously run Target store?

  • Wh
      17th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I work for Target for more than three years on flow and I would show up early (usually the first one there). I was assaulted by several employees (LOD, flow, Team Leads) since I got tired of doing their job and they tried to get me arrested claiming I'm stealing, I buy my stuff before I get to Target since I have another job keeping my receipts on me. Malis-- threatened me with a box cutter and everyone that night ran to the other side of the store and let her come at me for the whole night. The LOD blamed me and told me to "GET THE FU-- OUT AND DON'T YOU EVER COME BACK!" He tried to grab my are and I pulled away.I looked at him in amazement trying to find out "s he really that stupid?" I called the Target Hot-Line and still they act up. Everyone should be careful of what they say and do since they don't know who's watching or recording. I use to brush off the comments of certain team members claiming I'm a thief, now they steal from me and play in my food. I know since I caught them and they follow me around all the time and threaten me, "You need to pay for that. Did you hear me, I'm going to have you fired!" Hello nasty you are the one who rang me up so you employee number is on the receipt. The LOD got in my face and cursed me out since several employees said I'm making them look bad by working to hard. I want to get out at a reasonable time or earlier and get the job done. They try to waste time until its time to go leaving me to help the Team Leads and LOD.

  • No
      4th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have worked for Target about 4 yrs. Over the last year, things have really hit rock bottom at the store I work at. They hired a STL that has only one year of experience working at Target and it was only as an AP ETL. Also, she is only 25 and has only been out of college for about 2 years. She has no clue of how to run a store. She has had several complaints filed against her to integrity mostly for bullying employees and writing people up for petty things such as not taking their breaks on time, having punch corrections, or talking to employees while working. Most notably, she moved one TL who was the softlines TL that has over 15 yrs of retail experience to Target Cafe, which I see as a demotion, and moved the Target Cafe TL to the sales floor to replace her while he only has 2 yrs of retail experience.
    Also, we had a recent TL transfer to our store, and as soon as she came there, she immediately started insulting other employees and said all the workers were lazy and refused to follow instruction of her superiors such as Sr. TLs and ETLs. She had several complaints filed against her as well, but she still has her job which makes no sense and she is even praised for her work over others.
    Also, people have been quitting at a record pace with 29 people quitting in a 30 month period including one ETL that has worked for Target for 12 years.
    Things have improved somewhat after so many complaints, but still there are too many problems that do not belong in the work place

  • Ca
      3rd of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I thought it was the Target here in Idaho that had these problems yet I guess it is system disappointing. The underhand way they (management) deal with the Team members border on illegel and discrimatory. One example is threatening an employee ( after pulling them outside the range of secruity cameras) for applying for partial unemployment because of cutting hours to over half of previous hours. This employee was threaten to withdraw claim or they would be terminated if they didn't withdraw their claim. Another time the Team leader spread personal information to others about a team members cancer diagnosis which was not to be talked about per employee/family. Their treatment of those with disabilities is a shear disgrace and also downright discrimatory and illegal. They do this on a frequent basis with no recourse from the employees. These few examples are happening to employees that have been there a number of years. Please continue to report these issues to corporate. It really seems they don't care, which seems to be the case, but all the same something has to be done for their illegel practices.

  • Wo
      17th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree with you, I thought that Target was a family oriented business. But I had gotten fired because of calling out due to my kids being sick and could not take them to a daycare. That is not being about family. They only want people who have no life or people who have no kids or their kids are grown.

  • Wh
      18th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I was assulted and everyone ran for their lives. Target corporation better get their act together, the so calle STL and ETL are stealing and blamining it on everyone else. Maybe they are doing it for those in Target corp. Hin, hint! They tried to blame someone who was on leave for items they stole. Look stupid, all your names are on the paper work and schedules, and most of all you all BRAGGED ABOUT IT! They let a trail and time is running out to hide, Target Corp will let you burn to save it self in a heart beat witthout a thought. Of course those in charge know that.

  • Po
      23rd of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Don't dare call in to work with any medical issue as you will be snubbed by the ETL and LOD's and treated like a piece of ----. Anyway, if you are not as [censor] kisser - you will not make it at Target. Everyone that has "succeeded" at Target kisses major [censor]...

  • Go
      10th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Been with Target 8 years. They hire young fresh out of college executive who have no responsibilites, bills, or families to take care of. older Executives are being weeded out to make room for the cheaper paid college kids...older employees are harrased into quitting so they can hire at min wage and save money. Team members are made false promises. An excellent Team member just got fired for stupid reasons that no one else is held accountable for. She is a full time college student and single mother who was told that she didnt have to work more than 20 hours a week and they would work around her schedule. When the HR left (as they swap executives in and out constantly) the new Hr did not follow through with the promisies that were made.. They would not approve her school/child care schedule and scheduled her 30+ hours a week. This forced her into exhaustion from work, school, homework, and household duties. Not only did they give her more hours than what was signed off on in her availability, they scheduled her a closing shift (10:30pm) with the next shift at 7am the next morning. They did this twice in one week causing her to oversleep and get fired. Not to mention she has a medical problem which she decided not to share with her boss or HR because she was afraid it would not be confidential, due to the amount of gossip between Executives in the store...Really messed up

  • Go
      10th of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    WOW! lets take this crap to the media!!! Michael Moore perhaps?

  • Br
      25th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Don, t think Target will last much longer in a lot of towns Turn over is much too high at these stores. You would think that corp. would take there employees more seriously when they have complaints.

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