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I am writing to complain about the way the Target stores short staff, then expect employees to do the work of 3 or 4 people, often forcing them to work through breaks, without adequate water and hydration on the hottest days and without ensuring they have adequate meal times, bathroom breaks and assistance. This is especially true for the front end workers and outside attendants. The company doesn't care if they drop, but the people who shop there do. When you have a store that caters to Canadian guests, and it's busy ALL THE TIME, you need to step up and make sure you are properly staffed. Having just one kid out there collecting carts in the blazing sun is just plain wrong and to demand that these attendants collect every cart in a massive mall parking lot, by themselves, is stupid. Get with it Target and stop abusing your workers! They should be provided adequate and extra breaks when they have to work in these conditions and no one should be allowed to get in their face because they are sweating and exhausted. The managers need a little sensitivity training and they need to stop short staffing these busiest locations. OSHA and the Federal labor Relations demand you not put them into these situations.

Jul 12, 2016
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  • Ko
      Aug 27, 2016

    The Target store in great Falls Montana sure is going down hill. The store is dirty, the bathrooms are disgusting- dirt on the floor, paper all over the floor, foul odor.
    Short on help! Several people standing at customer service desk waiting as employees came and went in 7 out of the staff room looking right at us but not getting anyone to help until I spoke up not once but twice before an employee came over looking irritated.
    The checkers are not very smart and definetly act like they would rather be anywhere but at their job. I encountered one checker whom did not even greet me or say thank you after the transaction.
    Target is heading the way to the scummy store in great Falls. I will not be back. I would much rather go to Walmart or Shopko or even Kmart. Too bad it has gotten so bad at Target. whomever is hiring and managing the Great Falls Montana store should be fired!!

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