Takelotterrible customer service

I called in to find out if the warranty of my laptop would cover theft and if so what steps I needed to make. I provided my order number to check the warranty and this woman says to me I should just place another order and that they are an insurance company. I tried to explained that all I wanted to know was if Lenovo covered for theft for this particular model, I could not even get to ask what their agreement with the brand is. As a person who worked in Customer service for so long, I find it very concerning that agents at a company like Takelot are not trained to speak to customers who genuinely need help or information. This lady was sarcastic and offered no solution to my issue and I am aware that our complaints are not taken seriously but these people need to be trained on their attitude.
I would like this lady to be taken to more training or reprimanded for such a bad attitude.

Apr 16, 2018

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