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My order was in stock when I purchased and paid for it. The delivery status date updated today and stated it will be delivered on the 6th December. Only to see my order was suddenly cancelled and A gift voucher credited to my profile, no communication from takealot as to why it's cancelled or to even say it was cancelled I was only aware because I logged on to the site. THANKS TO TAKEALOT I WON'T BE ABLE TO GET THE GIFT I PURCHASED TO THE PERSON ON TIME.

Nov 27, 2018
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  • Ly
      Nov 30, 2018

    Takealot a Bad Bad Bad company to deal with. They load their prices from their suppliers because unfortunately for them they state on their products "suppled by". I recently purchased a portable solar panel from them only to find out that their supplier sells it for R1000 cheaper and then Takealot has the audacity to say 30% off marked price. But marked price is R1000 more than supplier. Second issue I have is that they cancel the order on or just before delivery with no explanation or an option of a refund, credit or replacement. You are then forced to buy more items in order to use your "credit". Is this not against the consumer protection act where you as the customer have 3 choices. Seems Takealot is flaunting the law to their benefit. Thirdly, as a first time return an item customer, I followed their process on returns ... logged the order item and then waited for collection. It was collected by their courier company Mr Delivery and the person who collected it did not give me a receipt (which I was not aware they were supposed to as a first time customer). However, because it was not logged on the system as returned or received from Takealot, I kept getting sms's saying item will be uplifted and a scheduled tim and date was on the sms. So when the courier arrived I told them that the item had already been uplifted and he went off and logged on the system "client not available - reschudule". That the sent the ball rolling again and again and again. I tried to get hold of Takealot to explain and they said "I must supply a receipt". When I told them the courier company did not supply a receipt and that I had tried to phone Mr D on numerous occassions (calls alone are more than the item was worth), and that their policy on returns is not clear, they basically almost fobbed me off. I have 4 witnesses who saw the courier company uplift the item. Now my question to TAKEALOT is this, how come your give out my information to dodgy courier companies because this really seems suspicious.

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