Taco Bell / worst service, idiots work there, dont know what they're serving stupid rude abusive #s

goldenrod rd/hoffner, Orlando, FL, United States Review updated:

this is for the stupid taco bell located at hoffner and near leevista on goldenrod in the super wal-mart shopping plaza. The ###s that work at this taco bell have NO clue what they're serving to people. They are ### rude stupid people and idiots too and mean to customers. I ordered two items fresca style which means there is NO cheese or heavy sauce just a pico salsa meat and rice. First off, teh ### at this location...basically trashy stupid people were taking FOREVER serving people and each order was taking 5 minutes. Then, when I got my order---they gave me the WRONG drink order and then the wrong food order. Idiots... there were no apologies at all just ### a**holes... then these low lifes had the NERVE to argue with me about what a fresca style burrito was... my food had cheese and sauce in it---obviously NOT fresca style. I told them i didnt want the heavy sauce and just the salsa ie pico..they kept ARGUING saying...there is NO SALSA and sometimes they put the sauce on there.. i said NO fresco style has NO SAUCE on it EVER...the stupid rude black [censored] wench at the window was just mean and nasty...dumb [censored]... and instead of accepting THEY hade made a mistake the witch wanted to try to argue with me so she could look like she was RIGHT when she wasn't... then she had her skinny dumb lanky male worker come forward to try to tell me a fresca burrito and again HE was wrong too. These buffoons dont even know what they're serving and what the food consists of SCREW up people's orders then ARGUE with them about what it should consist of...someone educate these ###s on what kind of food they are serving b/c they know NOTHING about what they're doing. They are ignorant stupid people who argue with customers abotu things they have no knowledge of. This is a TERRIBLE stupid place and its not always this bad but this time it was... instead of arguign with customers you idiots, learn what you serve get people's orders right and accept responsibility for messing up people's orders...stupid people and ### work here beware...!

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