Taco Bellservice

Worst treatment ever from employee worker at taxo bell. I been going to for 30 yrs. This is sad. In the end i didnt recieve meal that not. For my children. WorryIbg something would have been done to thw food. Taco bell elgin. Il. 304 mclean. Blvd .
Rebecca aka. Supervisor was rhe rude women taking orders at drive tru. She was obviously in bad mood or something she didnt let us finishing ordering. Nor did she xare at the window to pay where she tgen still messed up the order. And refused to let us pay to fix it we have 4 kids not one. So she rudely says pull around pull around in yelling form. Then we waited no food in 15 min wait outside. I then went iin where she then says well you pay for it. Im like u saod pull around repeatedly and she like yea pull around get out ur. Car and come in
Where this argument continues for 3 min
Where she says swear words and i will admitt i gave her dew words back. In the end my children didnt habe taco bell din er bexause of her..

Jul 30, 2018

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